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We’re like a weed-whacker for your career path.

It’s almost absurd how quickly things change in design, technology, and marketing these days. Even if you do your best to keep up, you can still wind up with gaping holes in your knowledge of your field. And that’s where SVC comes in. We can help you learn about new marketing techniques, the latest software, and up-to-the-minute business practices. With a little SVC-supplied know-how you’ll be in a better position to serve your clients and customers, and you’ll have a much better story to tell at performance review time.

What if you’re just at the beginning of that path?

During SVC’s 40-plus years, we’ve also helped people who wanted to test the waters of a career in traditional design, digital design, art direction, and copywriting. If you’re in that camp, our evening foundation and portfolio classes are designed to give you exposure to the fundamentals of design and creativity, while getting you started on a building a job-worthy portfolio. We’re not a full-time portfolio school, but you’ll certainly learn enough here to know if that’s the next logical step for you.

Our secret ingredient: You’ll learn from top pros.

Our thinking is that the best people to teach you something aren’t teachers. So, instead of a full-time faculty, our classes and workshops are taught by working professionals. More often than not, these are people at the top of their game, not wannabes or used-to-bes. The connections you’ll make with these pros can sometimes be as valuable as the material they’ll teach you.

History? Yes, we have one.

SVC dates back to the days before Photoshop, the web, and iPads; 1971, to be exact. That year, two gifted and highly successful illustrators, Dick and Cherry Brown, decided to open an art school where working professionals would do the teaching. More than 40 years later, their underlying philosophy is still quite intact. Today, SVC continues to believe that the people best qualified to teach you about your craft are the ones already practicing it at a very high level.

Meet the people behind SVC.

In keeping with the philosophy of its founders that the best instruction comes from working professionals, it should come as no surprise that one of the co-directors of SVC, Larry Asher, is a highly regarded advertising creative director and the co-creator of Do or Die, the first full-length marketing book released as an iPad app. Co-director Linda Hunt brings her experience of more than 30 years as the principal administrator of SVC to the table. Every day she lives up to her belief that a school is too large if you can't know each of the students personally.

Still have questions? We still have answers.

If you have some specific questions about SVC, you’ll likely find the answers in our FAQ. If we missed something there, you are heartily encouraged to give us a call or drop us a line. You can also get the opinions of past and current SVC students by posting your question to our Facebook page. You can also send us a Twitter direct message.

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