Why Come Here?

Since meet ‘n greets can sometimes be awkward, let’s keep this short.

We’re a small, highly personal, Seattle-based school offering a la carte classes and workshops, as well as intensive certificate programs lasting several weeks. We’re the school you want to attend when you’re staring down a new career path or simply need to bone up on a specific area of learning.

Such as? How about user experience and visual design for the web. Or graphic design, content copywriting, and advertising. Then there’s marketing, branding, and best-practices on running groups that do that kind of work.

There. Nice to meet you.

Started in 1971 by Dick and Cherry Brown, SVC was a school taught by those actually in the business. And with each brilliant instructor who’s come through our classrooms over the years, that philosophy has remained the same.

When you come to SVC, you get hands-on experience with someone whose hands are still all the way on. And not just on, but contributing in a major way at top firms for the biggest, most prestigious brands around. This is something you can’t get online or even at many of the bricks-and-mortar schools. Our live classroom environment allows these talented instructors to start and stop, re-explain, and give personal feedback.

It can also help you land a job. If the instructor likes you, of course.


About SVC

That might sound like an overpromise, but it’s really not. SVC has been hooked into this community for 45 years, and our instructors have connections to many of the top places around.

We want our classes to be helpful, hugely informative, and where appropriate, a bit unpredictable. You’re coming here to further your career, after all. And the things you learn at SVC might just put you on the path to your dream job.

Want additional help? We offer career counseling and will put together a set of custom course recommendations to get you pointed in the right direction.

Add it all up and there’s a reason 99% of our students say they’d recommend SVC to their friends and colleagues. Sure, that might be the free candy in the lobby. But, hey, it takes more than a couple of Almond Joys to attract discerning go-getters like yourself. It takes a damn good school. Whose name, again, is SVC.

Not so awkward now that we know each other better, right?

Live Classroom Teaching at SVC Seattle

Where Are We?

In the heart of Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood. Map it


SVC Hours

While classes are in session
Monday - Thursday: 10AM to 9:30PM
Friday: 10AM to 2PM

Between quarters
Monday - Thursday: 10AM to 5PM
Friday: 10AM to 2PM