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While SVC’s instructors are all professionals, they aren’t professional teachers. Their expertise, instead, is in social media, graphic design, copywriting, or any of a hundred other topics that likely have a lot to do with your career path. The advantage of learning from pros is that they aren’t teaching out of a book. Their knowledge is based on solving real-world, everyday business problems. Another upside to having a professional teach you, is that you’ll make an invaluable contact with someone who can help you and your company take it up a notch.

Interested in teaching?
If there’s a class or workshop you’d like to lead, or if you have a suggestion for a course you’re interested in developing and teaching, we’d love to hear from you.

Saul Aguilar
UX Researcher, Facebook

Saul Aguilar is a UX Researcher at Facebook. He's been in UX and research for about 10 years. Before Facebook, he worked at Cerner Corp. where did human factors research on medical software. He holds a B.S. in Psychology from University of Arizona and a M.S. in Information Management from University of Washington. In his spare time, you can find Saul writing short fiction and reading about behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience.

Leigh Allen-Arredondo
User Experience Director, MetaBrite

Leigh Allen-Arredondo is user experience director at MetaBrite. She has more than 20 years experience in UX design and research, helping to create digital experiences for a wide range of companies — including Amazon, Microsoft, Getty Images, AT&T, Seattle Public Utilities, Windermere Realty, and Eventbrite, as well as start-ups and UX agencies. With all of them, she’s brought user-centered design and a passion for research to make sure users have an amazing experience. When not thinking deep thoughts about UX, she may be playing soccer, skiing, or watching her two boys play Ultimate (frisbee) in Seattle.

Brian Alter
Video Editor, Copacino+Fujikado

Brian Alter is a video editor at Copacino+Fujikado in Seattle. He began his career in print production and graphic design, but the lure of storytelling eventually led him to an edit bay. At C+F, he creates a variety of content for the Seattle Mariners, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Seattle Children’s, Seattle Goodwill and Washington State University. His passion for motion pictures extends beyond his day job — he volunteers as a projectionist and film programmer at Seattle’s smallest and weirdest movie theater, The Grand Illusion Cinema. Brian also serves on the board of nonprofit Scarecrow Video.

Allison Arditty
Graphic Designer, WONGDOODY

Allison Arditty is a graphic designer at WONGDOODY. She was born in Iowa and raised by a small-town newspaper publisher, and consequently developed a childhood passion for grid systems, printing presses, typography and paper. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University, and moved to Seattle shortly after graduation. After a stint contracting at The Garrigan Lyman Group, she found herself at WONGDOODY, where she currently spends her days with a bunch of awesome weirdos working as a retail designer. Her clients of note include T-Mobile, Houston Methodist Hospital, the Seattle International Film Festival, Woodland Park Zoo, Litehouse Foods, and Microsoft.

Allison Arth
VP, Creative Strategy, Publicis Experiences

Allison Arth is a creative director by trade and a writer by craft. For the last decade-plus, she has been creating print and digital communications, developing institutional messaging, and honing brand voice for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations, including Community for Youth, The Seattle Symphony, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and The Gates Foundation. By day, she works at PBJS, an experiential and engagement agency headquartered in Seattle. By night, she writes recipes, poetry, and, most recently, tabletop roleplaying games.

Courtney Artuso
Sr. Lead UX Designer, Amazon

Courtney Artuso is a senior user experience designer with Amazon. For the last three years her focus has been specializing in customer experience design for game services technology and consumer-facing education technology. She brings more than 10 years of experience to Amazon, from creative boutiques to larger entertainment entities such as CBS Interactive. Courtney has worked on experiences and design for a variety of clients, such as Yamaha, AT&T, Michaels, Road ID, and Microsoft.

Courtney is a vocal advocate for women in technology; participating in talks and panels such as Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling for the Orange County User Experience group, and for the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program.

Tizzy Asher
Principal UX Designer, Expedia

Tizzy Asher wanted to tell stories for a living as a kid, but news felt scary, UX didn’t exist, and no one thought to direct her to advertising. Now, she brings storytelling to her work as a principal content strategist on the Global Product UX team at Expedia, where she helps shape the story of how people shop for and experience travel. She has pursued great storytelling in e-commerce, nonprofit, and educational settings, and spent 10 years writing stories about entertainment and music for print. She is not related to Larry Asher, though she wishes she was.

Larry Asher
Director, SVC

Larry Asher is the founder and principal of Worker Bees, Inc. Born and raised as an advertising copywriter and creative director, Larry has delivered more than 750 presentations to groups as small as one (the Governor of Washington State) and as large as 2,000 (the salesforce of a national telecom company). He’s also answered a few hundred RFPs over his career, and actually won a few. Speaking of winning, he’s captured numerous national awards for his creative work, and authored a book on the future of marketing for the digital agency, Razorfish. His firm, Worker Bees, provides marketing communications services to clients in the healthcare industry.

Dana Asper
Dana Asper

Dana Asper is a full-time freelance graphic designer and web developer with more than 12 years of professional experience. She has worked both independently and in-house for creatives, small companies, government organizations, and large corporations around the world. As her career in web development grew, so did the need for creative websites that provided ease of use for clients to manage their own content. In her efforts to find a solution to fill this need Dana found Squarespace. Now, nearly eight years later, she works exclusively with Squarespace as she feels it provides the best user experience for herself and her clients. Dana Asper provides custom Squarespace design, development, consulting and training services. Dana currently resides in Olympia, Washington with her husband and two-year-old son.

Margot Atwell

Margot Atwell is the Director of Publishing at Kickstarter, where she helps authors and publishers use the platform to build community and find support for their creative projects. Previously, Margot was Publisher at Beaufort Books, an independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction books. Margot’s writing has been published in numerous print and online publications.

Ramil Azucena
Senior Product Designer, Tagboard

Ramil Azucena is a Senior Product Designer for Tagboard, a local startup that builds tools to unify social conversations. Before joining Tagboard, he was a Senior UX Designer for Moz, publishers of software to make online marketing more efficient. Ramil has a BA in Graphic Design from Western Washington University, and a certificate in User-Centered Design from the University of Washington.

Mike Baehr
Print Buyer, Fantagraphics Books

Mike started his Fantagraphics career in 2006 as the online marketing director and hand model. He later took on the role of print buyer and production coordinator, making him the primary connection between Fantagraphics and printers all over the world. Mike was trained as a fine artist, having received a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Erik Baldwin
Writer, Starbucks Global Creative

Erik Baldwin is a content writer at Starbucks – a local coffee chain you’ve probably got some familiarity with. He was born and raised just south of Seattle, which makes him a rare and authentic local. If you have any questions about grunge, what Belltown looked like before the condos, or what in the world the Kingdome was, let him know. He’s worked with his fair share of local companies too – including Amazon, Starbucks, a dozen or so startups, and Seattle Public Schools. From SEO, direct marketing, and web content creation, to blogging, app work, and creating dialogue and story arcs for video games, he’s covered just about every base a writer can.

Amy Balliett
CEO & Owner, Killer Infographics
Amy Balliett

Amy Balliett is the co-founder of Killer Infographics, a Seattle-based design firm that develops (you'll never guess) infographics for both print and digital on behalf of a wide variety of clients, including adidas, Staples, Ford, and Harvard University. As the Chief Swiss Army Knife at Killer Infographics, Amy serves a number of purposes (like a Swiss Army Knife) including account and client management, design team and project management, sales, marketing and even takes on a few infographic designs when her design team is booked up. Before starting Killer Infographics, Amy co-founded ZippyCart after a long career in SEO and web development/design.

Irene Barber
Interaction Designer, Blink

Irene Barber is an interaction designer for Blink UX where she leads complex, workflow-driven interaction design projects. She discovered her passion for the user-centered design process while working as a graphic designer, and has pursued UX consulting work ever since. UX fulfills her inquisitive nature by allowing her to learn about, and help solve problems for, a variety of industries and environments and the diverse people within them. She holds a B.S. in Informatics from the University of Washington.

Laura Barboza
Customer Experience Strategist, REI
Laura Barboza

Laura is a UX Research Strategist consulting under her own company Design Centered. She has a master’s degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington, and now has nearly a decade of user centered design experience. Her career as a UX researcher has ranged from working in small agencies, large corporations, and serving as an independent UX research consultant. This experience has allowed her to understand customer needs, business goals, and project requirements from a wide range of perspectives. In her former role as a Senior Researcher at Nordstrom, Laura expanded her UX research experience to e-commerce, as she conducted and managed innovative Omni Channel research activities for retail customers and employees alike. In addition to her work experience, Laura teaches UX courses at UW, Seattle Central College, and the School of Visual Concepts.

Jeff Barlow
Creative Director, Boeing

Jeff Barlow is creative director for Boeing, the world’s leading aerospace company. He took on this role after serving several years as creative manager for another industry leader, Starbucks. A non-coffee drinker in a coffee-obsessed organization, Jeff led the in-store experience design team at Starbucks Global Creative. Other companies who have benefitted from Jeff’s presence include Methodologie (now Digital Kitchen), POP, and his own studio, Jelvetica.

For the past 20-plus years, Jeff has been a major force in the Seattle design community, having served as president of AIGA’s Seattle chapter (and recent winner of the AIGA Fellow award), organizer of AIGA’s Into the Woods conference, and a longtime and very beloved. ear-pencil-toting instructor at the School of Visual Concepts.

Jeff’s passion for typography comprises a large part of his design identity and is reflected in the work he’s created for Boeing, Starbucks, Expedia, InfoSpace, National MS Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and The Who. His work has been featured in the HOW International Design Annual, the HOW Self-Promotion Annual, and Communication Arts.

Sasha Barr
Art Director, Sub Pop Records
Sasha Barr

Sasha Barr is an art director for Sub Pop Records, a drawing board he has held down since 2007. In addition to his work in the music industry, Sasha also does design work for Amigos Skateboards, and run his own design company, The New Year. His clients of note include Vans, Converse, Giro, Northwest Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot, and the Washington Lottery. Sasha’s work has been featured in On Board - Graphics in Boarding Culture, 1,000 Music Graphics, 1,000 Indie Posters, and the Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion.

Kleinsmith & Barr

Wayne Barringer
Director of Creative Services, Boeing

Wayne Barringer is the director of creative services for Boeing, a job he took five years ago when employee satisfaction hovered just above 50%. Now it's at 85% and inching upwards, as Wayne's team is growing, doing more award-winning work, and rising in stature in the organization. Before joining Boeing, Wayne ran his own marketing and management consulting firm; was managing director for the PR firm, Porter Novelli; and spent three years as a copywriter and project manager for the ad agency, BlackWing Creative. Wayne has taught for the University of Washington's certificate program in strategic communications, and for Western Washington University's journalism program. He is currently a board member of IHAF, the In-House Agency Forum

Sara Bayless da Costa
Experience Designer, Nordstrom Innovation Lab
Sara Bayless da Costa

Sara Hogenson is a visual designer and innovation coach from the Nordstrom Innovation Lab, a lean startup within Nordstrom that focuses on retail technology innovation. As an active Lab member since 2012, Sara’s work consists of brainstorming and prototyping new ideas, visualizing them through digital tools/sketching, testing concepts with customers, and facilitating internal design thinking workshops. She earned a B.F.A in Design from Cornish College of The Arts where she focused on visual communications and motion design. Sara is always looking for ways to get involved in the innovation community and hopes to spread creative confidence like wildfire here in the Seattle area.

Lindsay Beach
Lindsay Beach

Lindsay Beach is a UX designer for Amazon. She has a master’s degree in Design Development & Research from The Ohio State University, and has over a decade of experience in UX and visual communication. Before joining Amazon, Lindsay held UX and visual design positions at large corporations such as Microsoft, a range of small design firms, as well as serving as an independent design consultant. This experience has allowed her to interpret the design process and user needs from a wide range of perspectives. Lindsay has also mixed teaching with her design career, having taught design in the US, Africa, Singapore, and currently teaches at UW, Seattle Pacific University and the School of Visual Concepts.

Taylor Beeghly
Motion and UX Designer

Taylor Beeghly received his Bachelor’s of Science in Design from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program where he specialized in motion and 3D design. While studying at UC he worked at numerous agencies including Apple in Cupertino before moving to Seattle to work at local agencies Garrigan Lyman Group and Tag Creative. He has designed and created animations for clients such as T-Mobile, Microsoft, Philips and Samsung. He is currently a founding member of an indie game studio where he does animation and visual effects.

Drory Ben-Menachem
Director of Product Design, Zonar Systems

Drory Ben-Menachem is the director of product design at Zonar Systems, a company specializing in telematics and fleet management for the ground transportation industry. This mostly involves shepherding the experience strategy of Zonar’s product/service ecosystem, leading brainstorming and critique sessions, and facilitating customer insight through ongoing market and user research. Previously, he was creative/UX director at Smashing Ideas, spearheading their UX discipline. Set the Way-Back Machine even further, Drory was creative director at Filter, where he galvanized his passion for helping designers realize the next chapter of their careers. Sometimes when it rains, he goes outside holding a cocktail umbrella and pretends he's a giant who makes bad decisions. One day, he hopes someone will call him "sir" without adding "you're making a scene".

Laura Bentley
Proprietor, Pinwheel Press
Laura Bentley

Laura Bentley attended her first letterpress class in 2008 right here at SVC. It was love at first print, and she hasn’t looked back since. Her passion is printing from handset type, and she has helped many a student to decipher their p’s from their q’s, while assisting with over a dozen letterpress classes. At home she prints under the Pinwheel Press imprimatur on an 1863 Gordon platen press. As you might expect, she cherishes her growing type collection that includes metal and wood type from the 1880s. Her interest in where and when a font was made has led to a collection of books on type foundries and vintage type catalogs, and she can’t resist a game of “What is this type?”

Faith Berry
Design Strategist & Creative Director, Studio SC

Faith Berry is a design strategist and creative director for Studio SC. After cutting her teeth at a national retail design agency in Ohio, Faith moved to Seattle in 2007 when she joined Studio SC. Over her career she’s done her part to improve the human experience in the built environment for a variety of clients from nonprofits to hospitals to international corporations to single-location retailers. Her work has won numerous awards from SEGD, Communication Arts, Print Magazine, HOW, and the AIA.

David Black
Lord of Righteous Jams, Self
David Black

Lucky for SVC and for the mechanically impaired letterpress printers everywhere, David Black artfully applies his skills from his former career as a trained mechanic to his latest obsession: letterpress equipment. He cares for and operates his own printing presses in an Everett home studio while scouting dusty basements, warehouses, and stacks of ephemera for more pieces of letterpress history and artful applications of printing skills.

Mare Blocker

Mare Blocker is another one-of-a-kind. She has been making limited edition and unique artists books and prints since 1979, and founded the MKimberly Press in 1984. Her work can be found in more than 85 public museums and collections, including the National Museum of Women in the Arts, The University of Washington, and the Library of Congress. Mare is the President of the Book Arts Guild, and an Executive Board Member of the College Book Art Association.

Christine Bombard
Designer, Starbucks Global Creative

Christine Bombard is a designer at Starbucks. Originally from the east coast, she received her BFA from Pratt Institute and has participated in studio courses at Bauhaus Universtät and the School of Visual Arts. She began her career interning at various New York museums and cultural institutions, eventually leading to freelancing with small design studios and startups. She found her calling as an in-house designer and worked at J.Crew before coming to Starbucks.

Andy Boyer
Principal, Social3i Consulting
Andy Boyer

Since 1996, Andy Boyer has worked in a number of emerging areas of online marketing. He started with streaming media pioneer RealNetworks, before there was such a thing as online video. Later he was a principal at Spring Creek Group, one of the earliest social media agencies (now owned by IPG Mediabrands). He is now a principal at Social3i, a consultancy that since 2010 has been helping brands with their content marketing strategies. In addition, he is a co-founder of Seattle tech start-up Relaborate, whose software solution helps companies rethink the way they collaborate. Along with teaching at SVC, Andy teaches Entrepreneurial Marketing and Social Media Strategies at the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

Josh Brantley
Executive Creative Director, Avanade

Josh Brantley is executive creative director at Avanade, where he brings almost 20 years of digital creative vision to the table. He is responsible for creative execution and brand consistency across multiple channels and creative executions. He has worked on countless websites, kiosks, mobile apps with a wide range of objectives from brand awareness, customer acquisition, e-commerce, social engagement etc.

Recently he has been responsible for motion/video work in T-Mobile retail stores across the United States. This includes hardware design, fixture design, interactive ideation, creative execution and distribution. Over the span of his career he has launched many major consumer sites such as,,,,,,,, and the list goes on.

When not compiling bits and bytes he can be found chasing adrenaline. He spends much of his free time on two wheels. Whether downhill mountain biking, riding cross country on a dirt bike or out on the pavement his smile can usually be seen, even through the helmet.

Aaron Bronow
Lead Technical Architect, ELEVATE Global

Aaron Bronow is the Lead Technical Architect at ELEVATE Global, a worldwide business risk and sustainability solutions provider. He has worked with Seattle area startups as a software architect and engineering manager since 2004. Aaron's experience is focused on enterprise web application development using HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and a variety of back-end platforms including Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, C# and ASP.NET. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys riding bikes and hiking.

Claire Bronson
Grand Poobah, viz-spark

Claire Bronson is the creative director at viz-spark, a company dedicated to helping companies hold better, more productive meetings and brainstorming sessions through visual facilitation. Originally trained in natural resources and sustainability, Claire made the leap into graphic design in the late 1990s, and successfully combined both careers when she served as creative services manager for The Nature Conservancy for seven years. She has since received specialized training in visual facilitation from Fielding Graduate University and The Grove Consultants International.

Rod Brooks

Rod is vice president and chief marketing officer at PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company. He started in marketing by designing, writing and selling advertising for a local publishing company, eventually becoming VP of marketing and advertising for an 800-store retail auto parts chain. After positions with technology companies, he joined PEMCO in 1999, and has overseen the wildly successful “We’re a Lot Like You. A Little Different.” ad campaign featuring profiles of prototypical northwesterners.

Alan Brown

Alan, the co-founder and CEO of DNA, began his career client-side in consumer marketing and advertising at Procter & Gamble, and then with Pepsi-Cola. In 1998, he co-founded DNA with the goal of leveraging consumer insights into great creative campaigns. Alan’s current role is to grow the agency’s brand and secure and foster long-term, productive relationship with clients. Today, DNA is proud to have an average client tenure of 10 years and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the region.

Betsy Bruce
, Self Employed
Betsy Bruce

Betsy Bruce is the founder of Performance Factor, a training and performance support consulting company in Seattle. She is the author of Sams Teach Yourself Dreamweaver in 24 Hours (Pearson) and eLearning with Dreamweaver. Betsy is an Adobe Authorized trainer and a long time web developer.

Alik Brundrett
Product Designer, Facebook

Alik Brundrett is currently a Product Designer at Facebook, and was formerly a Senior E-Commerce Product Designer at Alaska Airlines and the Digital Media Design Manager at Planned Parenthood. Alik has more than 12 years’ experience working in product design, UX/UI design, and marketing design – and also has some serious cred as a commercial photographer. He has a MS in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Mary Bruno
, Bruno Press

Mary Bruno is letterpress printer in St. Joseph, Minnesota, where she runs Bruno Press, a print shop started by her father, design professor, Don Bruno. As you might expect, Mary’s love for printing and skill for the craft came from her father, whose memory she honors every time she carves linoleum, handsets wood or lead type, or prints a broadside. Mary produces an irreverent line of greeting cards that are sold nationally, and she has also been involved in organizing traveling exhibitions of letterpress.

Luke Burbank

Luke Burbank is the co-host of Too Beautiful to Live, the radio show turned podcast featured on American Public Media’s Podcast Network. Airing five days a week, TBTL is within shouting distance of its 2,500th show about life, current events, popular culture, boat ownership, and pants. In addition to TBTL, Luke hosts the Portland-based public radio variety show, Live Wire Radio. He also makes the occasional appearance on NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, Chicago Public Media’s This American Life, and CBS Sunday Morning. Luke lives in The Bay City, a.k.a., Bellingham.

Aaron Burnett
President, Wheelhouse Search

Gabriel Campanario
Illustrator, Author

Gabriel Campanario is an award-winning illustrator and author best known for his storytelling work as the Seattle Sketcher at The Seattle Times, and as the founder of the global Urban Sketchers movement and nonprofit organization. A native of Barcelona, Gabi has a journalism degree from the University of Navarra in Pamplona, and more than two decades of experience in creative roles for newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic. He is the author of Seattle Sketcher: An Illustrated Journal, and several books on urban sketching, including The Art of Urban Sketching: Drawing On Location Around the World. When he is not sketching on his iPad, he likes to draw with real ink and watercolor in his pocket sketchbook.

Luis Carbo

Luis Carbo, the moderator for this panel discussion, is the Branch Manager and Assistant VP with The Creative Group in Seattle. For the past 15 years Luis has been helping clients realize value by blending business with technology. Currently, Luis is focused on leading teams that design, develop, and deliver software, web and mobile solutions with higher quality and lower risk than traditionally possible. He has more than eight years of experience in the localization industry and more than seven in the staffing industry managing Fortune 500 accounts, spearheading innovative operation models for clients such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, eBay, Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Expedia and many others.

Jim Catel

Jim Catel is a Senior Lead UX Designer at HBO even though his actual title says Senior Staff Design Engineer. But don’t let the word “engineer” in his title steer you the wrong way.

He’s a classically trained designer (and has a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design to prove it), and has been turning out handsomely designed websites and apps since such things first existed.

After working as a designer and creative director, Jim joined Amazon’s design team when the company was just seven years old (no, sorry, no stock options), and then moved on to ZAAZ, the forerunner of POSSIBLE’s Seattle office. In 2004, he co-founded If/Then Agency and had a 10-year run working for clients such as AmazonFresh, creativeLIVE, Henry Art Gallery, EMP, Cinerama, Arcade Magazine, KEXP, Microsoft, and T-Mobile.

He has taught interactive design at SVC, as well as interactive design, corporate identity design, and typography at Cornish College of the Arts.

He joined HBO in 2014 where he lead the mobile UX design team and now leads UX design for interactive and immersive experiences for emerging platforms. He lives in Silverdale, which has earned him a black belt in commuting.

Art Chantry

Originally from Tacoma, Art Chantry moved to Seattle in the late 1970s and became the frequently imitated designer of the city’s subculture, creating album covers and posters for the music and theater industry. He also served as art director for The Rocket, a forerunner to The Stranger, and a breeding ground for talented contributors such as Matt Groening of The Simpsons and cartoonist Lynda Barry. Art’s methods often mirror his punk aesthetics, meaning he avoids using the computer as a design tool and is known for being choosy about the corporate clients for whom he is willing to work.Chantry advocates a low-tech approach to design that is informed by the history of the field. His work has been exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Museum of Modern Art,Seattle Art Museum, the Smithsonian and the Louvre. Chantry builds his record, poster, and magazine designs by hand, eschewing the now-ubiquitous computer and laser printer for X-acto knives, Xerox machines, and photoset type. His bright, eye-popping creations can be seen frequently in the mom and pop record store as in the pages of establishment design magazines like Print or Communication Arts.

Carol Chapman
Associate Creative Director, Possible

Remember Graphis magazine? It was the most beautiful, intelligent, creative thing that ever orbited the world of design. Carol Chapman started her career as a grunt there, scanning winning entries for their awards competitions. Why you'd ever want to give that up, we'll never know, but she came to Seattle in 1998 to work for an online startup where she spent her days figuring out how to get images down under 30k.

In 2007 she joined what was then called ZAAZ and is now called Possible, where today she's an associate creative director. She's done digital design projects for Samsung, Revlon, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and St-Germain, to name a few.

Steven Chau
Senior Software Engineer, Techstars

A St. Louis native, Steven started his software development career in Kansas City. He relocated to Seattle in 2012 to join Startup Weekend as an engineer to help foster entrepreneurship communities around the world. Once in Seattle, Steven volunteered as the AIGA Special Events Director putting on HIVE 2014 and Into The Woods 2016 for the PNW design community. Today, Steven still supports entrepreneurship communities through Techstars. Steven is also a lover of board games, kayaking, and Crossfit.

Frank Chiachiere
Associate Director, Interaction Design, POP
Frank Chiachiere

Frank is an associate director of interaction design for POP, one of the largest digital agencies in the Northwest. Before joining POP in 2008, Frank was the director of technology for the Morningside Academy and was the co-founder and programs director for The Shunpike, a nonprofit arts consulting company. Frank holds a BA in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania and a M.S. in information management from the University of Washington.

Brian Childs

Brian Childs is on the Success team at Moz, a Seattle-based search engine optimization (SEO) software company. He teaches classes on SEO and supports customers across all industries. Brian was Vice President of a Digital Marketing Agency called The Growth Company where he created campaign strategies for large B2B companies. He also led a competitive intelligence team for a $21 Billion GE business unit. Prior to becoming a marketing professional, Brian was Chief Pilot for the United Nations in Afghanistan, Regional Operations Manager for the United Nations in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, and a reconnaissance pilot in Iraq. He has over 10 years of experience teaching vocational classes.

Marc Choi
Art Director, New York Times

Marc Choi is a Seattle-based graphic designer, art director, and design educator. He currently works from afar for The New York Times, where he helps shape the brand marketing experience.

Working across print and interactive media, Marc has designed identities, websites, exhibits, books, posters, and various other forms of physical and digital matter for clients ranging from international commercial brands to local cultural institutions. Through a multi-disciplinary practice, his approach is both content and context-driven, with a foundation in visual form and communication.

As a design educator, he has taught at the Maryland Institute College of Art and at Parsons The New School for Design. He holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design.

Darrah Christel
Copywriter / Entrepreneur, POP / Self Employed LOHO

Darrah Chistel is a copywriter at the digital agency, POP, where she puts her strategic, big-picture thinking to work for Starbucks and other agency clients. An original member of the zulily startup staff, she helped define their brand voice and scale their copy team to 60+ writers before the company’s successful IPO in October 2013. Through 2014, she helped Responsys (now part of Oracle’s marketing cloud) craft inbox-ready content for clients like Nordstrom, REI, Restoration Hardware, Yahoo, and Verizon. When she's not working, you’ll find her sipping cocktails at content strategy meetups or smack-talking opponents on the kickball field.

Don and Ryan Clark
Don and Ryan Clark

Don and Ryan Clark are the amazing brothers behind Invisible Creature. They bill themselves as designers + illustrators + directors, credits they definitely live up to with their award-winning work for Target, MTV, Nike, Nordstrom, Wired Magazine, Google, and on and on and on.

Besides being enormously talented, they are also enormously nice, open, and very cool people.

Jacque Coe

Jacque Coe is a communications strategist and public relations executive with more than 25 years of experience. She’s led communications and served on executive teams for the Seattle Public Schools, Bellevue School District, Washington’s Lottery, Dairy Farmers of Washington and the Alliance for Education. Prior to getting into PR, Jacque was in TV news as a reporter, anchor, news director and assignment editor at stations throughout the Northwest, including KING-TV. Jacque is nationally accredited in public relations (APR) by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), certificated in public engagement, serves on the national APR committee and is a mentor to UW PR students. Known as a ferocious networker, Jacque is passionate about PR, loves what she does for a loving, usually has a pro bono project underway, and has a wicked sense of humor.

Ian Cohen
Owner, Wexley School for Girls
Ian Cohen

In 2003, Cal McAllister joined up with Ian Cohen, formerly of Portland's legendary Wieden & Kennedy agency, to create a company that could put on the flightless-bird equivalent of NASCAR, if it so desired. "The name," jokes Cohen, "came from a group of nuns in Wexleyshire, England. They were cantaloupe farmers with a holistic approach to their garden." Advertising Age put Wexley first on its 2006 list of favorite agency names; the company beat out Tokyo Plastic, 86 the Onions, and Acne.

Jonathon Colman
Manager, UX Content Strategy, Facebook

Jonathon Colman is a UX content strategist for Facebook. Previously, he was the principal user experience architect at REI and managed global digital marketing for The Nature Conservancy. He served overseas in the Peace Corps and worked in conservation nonprofits for almost a decade. You can find Jonathon on Facebook and Twitter @jcolman.

Michael Connors

Michael Connors is VP, Creative for Hornall Anderson. After more than 20 years experience in advertising and design – including owning his own firm – Michael joined HA in 2005 to lead teams grounded in strategy and inspired to do emotionally compelling work that motivates action. For three decades, Michael has been reviewing, critiquing and interviewing strategists, designers, art directors, writers, photographers illustrators, production artists, production managers — just about anyone who carries a portfolio. He’s been hiring the best, giving advice to the rest, and enjoying the conversations all along the way.

David Conrad
Owner, Design Commission
David Conrad

Armed with 20 years of experience in designing user experiences, David Conrad is a founding partner at Design Commission. As Studio Director, David’s role is to engage new clients and facilitate successful projects. He’s a visionary when it comes to connecting business, design and technology with a natural ability to identify opportunities and solve problems. In his free time, David hosts CreativeMornings in Seattle and teaches mobile UX design at the University of Washington.

Jim Copacino
Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Copacino+Fujikado

Jim Copacino is Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Copacino+Fujikado in Seattle. He began his career in New York at DDB and Y&R, then moved to Chiat/Day Seattle in the 1980s. Spanning nearly four decades, his work has been recognized in every major advertising show, including the Cannes Lions, One Show, Clio, Communication Arts, NY Art Directors and OBIE awards. Established in 1998, Copacino+Fujikado has created high-impact campaigns for many regional and national brands including the Seattle Mariners, Holland America Line Cruises, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, REI and Visit Seattle. In 2013, C+F was named Ad Age’s Agency Of The Year for the Northwest region.

Chris Copacino
Account Director, Copacino + Fujikado
Chris Copacino

Chris Copacino is an account director at the celebrated Seattle agency, Copacino+Fujikado. He started his career working on national brand, promotional and grand opening initiatives for REI. Over his time at C+F he has led award-winning work on agency accounts including Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Seattle Mariners, Symetra Financial, Seattle Reproductive Medicine and the Washington Forest Protection Association. Chris also oversees new business, managing new client acquisition and business development. Chris gets strong reviews from his clients for his ability to deeply understand their business, blending a keen strategic mind with the understanding of and appreciation for compelling creative work.

Cheryl Couris
Interaction Designer, Google

Cheryl is currently an Interaction Designer at Google. Before working on security UX for the Google Cloud Platform, Cheryl spent 5 years at Microsoft as a UX Designer + Senior Design Manager. Originally from Boston, she spent almost a decade in advertising and art directing creative agency work before making the leap into user experience design. Since then Cheryl’s worked with local startups, nonprofits and enterprise level organizations, where her work spans both legacy and first-of-their-kind productivity experiences. Cheryl is a University of Washington HCDE certificate alumna, advocate for women in tech, and forever in pursuit of interesting places where beauty meets technology.

Steve Cullen
Creative Director / Design Director, Creature
Steve Cullen

Steve got his start in graphic design by not starting in graphic design—but rather journalism. After skipping the news room, he began his current career as a copywriter at Modernista. Ultimately, however, he was compelled by the more visual aspects of creativity (and admittedly a bit of wanderlust), and started working in visual shops around the world, from the type foundry Judd Design to giant advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi in Singapore. Turns out his writer's sense of storytelling went hand-in-hand with the graphic design he loved to create.

Then, just like that, Steve quit to pursue a career as a professional road cyclist. He even made the cover of Velo News, but you could only see his feet as he was crashing at the time. He returned to graphic design (with a few more scars) at Creature, where he continues to develop his eclectic, mixed-diciplined approach as both a design director and creative director.

Steve's work has been recognized in Cannes, D&AD;, The One Show, The Art Directors Club, Type Directors Club, Graphis, Clios, Communication Arts, and many other publications. He was even featured by Graphic Design America as one of the top 30 up and coming design thinkers in the country. And in that magazine you could see his face this time, not just his feet.

Ryan Cunningham
Strategy Director, Creature
Ryan Cunningham

Ryan is strategy director for Creature, a Seattle ad and design agency with serious momentum. Among the assignments he's helped lead at Creature are the redesign a sports beverage, re-imagining of a university, reenergizing a global consumer electronics brand, and crafting a human voice for the world's foremost humanitarian. He’s crafted creative strategy for HP, Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, E&J Gallo Winery, Nike Retail, and Nuun, along with an arsenal of upstart and challenger brands, and his work has been recognized by the Effies, One Show, and IAB for innovative strategy. Today, his teams are working with a game-changing social commerce innovator, an upstart entertainment designer, a coalition of growers defending the integrity of a French wine region, and a cadre of rogue scientists developing a revolutionary digital discussion community.

Dave Curry
VP of Interactive, POP
Dave Curry

Dave Curry is the VP, Emerging Trends & Technology, for the Seattle agency, POP. It’s his envious job to identify the trends and technologies that will make a future impact on POP’s clients’ businesses. Throughout his 20-year tenure at POP, Dave has worked on hundreds of client engagements, including work for Nike, Starbucks, Nintendo, Target, and Toyota. His writing has been published by Advertising Age, his thoughts have been heard over the airwaves of American Public Media, and his work has been recognized by Print Interactive Annual, Communication Arts, The Webby Awards, The FWA, and Graphis Design Annual among others. Dave also curates Required Reading (, a semi-weekly round-up of findings from around the Internet, and hosts Say Something Worth Stealing (, a conversational podcast where creative professionals share stories about their careers, life, and craft.

Casey Curtis
VP of Digital Strategy, Wheelhouse DMG

Casey Curtis is the VP of Digital Strategy at Wheelhouse DMG where she leads her team in implementing digital marketing strategies for a diverse range of clients, including Bluetooth, ThriftBooks, CenturyLink, Dover Saddlery, Grand Circle Travel and more. Before Wheelhouse she was the Director of Ecommerce for Baby United where she ran the B2C channel for a popular children’s brand. It was during this time that her love of digital marketing grew. Having managed ecommerce merchandising and promotion, influencer marketing, social media, marketing automation and technical integrations, Casey developed a deep understanding of integrated marketing. Since joining Wheelhouse, her digital marketing heart has tripled in size (not unlike the Grinch).

Oscar Dahl
Oscar Dahl

Oscar graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2005 with a Screenwriting degree from LMU's School of Film & Television. Deciding that his pale Scandinavian complexion was better suited for the cloud cover of his hometown, he retreated up I-5 back to Seattle. After a year and a half of menial jobs and wanderlust-y travel, Oscar found full-time work as a TV critic for, where he spent the next three years writing recaps, reviews, performing interviews with fame-seeking reality stars, penning op-eds and suffering through American Idol. In 2009, opportunity knocked and Oscar began work at Project Bionic, the social media marketing agency where he plies his trade to this day. As Creative Director, he oversees a team of writers and community managers, while also acting as a full-time social media writer for brands such as Taco Time NW, Pike Brewing, TNT Fireworks and many, many more.

Di Dang
Emerging Tech Lead, POP

As an optimistic realist, Di Dang leads the Emerging Tech group at digital agency POP. She advises clients from a variety of industries on how emerging tech can benefit their end users. Di enjoys leading UX through the full product development cycle for solutions that may include, but aren’t limited to, VR/AR, web/mobile, conversational UI, and machine learning. With a degree in Philosophy and Religion, Di is an alumna of Stanford University and spends a lot of time thinking about ethically designing emerging technology. She tweets about all this and more at @dqpdang.

Josie Daniels
Content Manager, Starbucks Global Creative
Josie Daniels

Josie went to CU Boulder, almost graduated from CU Boulder, but left CU Boulder to start her career at an agency called Wexley School for Girls. She went on to work for VML, FCB, SCCA, and ASDFJJKLDSF before moving to Starbucks Headquarters where she is the head writer for their social media team. She lives in Columbia City and reads Harry Potter every day on her bus ride to work. Expelliarmus.

Linda Davidson
Linda Davidson

Linda Davidson is an artist who lives and works in Seattle. She started out in NYC drawing fashion ads for Bergdorf Goodman among others, then moved her focus to a fine art practice which she continued on three continents. Davidson uses drawn and painted imagery in various and evolving sequences to explore ideas around beauty, ambition, decadence, decay and the anxieties of contemporary life. Installations often involve hundreds of separate paintings each of which might be altered or reoriented to fit new spatial or thematic contexts. Davidson has shown her work widely and it is resides in many public and private collections. Permanent public commissions include work for the lobby of Swedish Hospital in Issaquah and the escalator lobby at 818 Stewart.

Jennifer Davidson
Senior UX Researcher, Mozilla

Jennifer Davidson is a senior user researcher at Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox. Previously, she held positions as a market research analyst, software interaction designer, programmer, and research scientist at Intel, Hewlett Packard, Pacific Northwest National Lab, and the National Science Foundation. Her teaching experience includes teaching or assisting with multiple UX courses at Bellevue College Continuing Education, ChickTech, Oregon State University, and the University of Washington. She received her PhD in Computer Science with an emphasis in human computer interaction from Oregon State University where she researched involving older adults in the design and development of open source software. She believes that everyone deserves a say in our technology revolution, and she works toward that vision every day.

Allie Deford
User Researcher, User Research International

Allie Deford is a user researcher at User Research International (URI), a very creatively named user research consultancy. She graduated from the University of Evansville in 2014 with a BS in Computer Science. After some experience as a developer, she learned that developers won’t willingly talk to those using their products, so she decided to get a master’s degree to learn how to talk to users for them.

She then attended the University of Washington and earned her MS in Human-Centered Design and Engineering. During this time she worked with the City of Seattle to create an app to help those with mobility impairments navigate the city. In the second year of her program, she started working at URI, taking on a variety of research projects for major tech companies, including Microsoft and Google. She’s continued to work there ever since.

Matt Dente
Matt Dente

Since 1998, Matt has worked in the user-centered design field, crafting user experiences for web and mobile. Matt has worked as a Visual Designer, Information Architect, Interaction Designer, and User Researcher on projects for companies such as Time Inc., Condé Nast, Microsoft, Facebook, Clearwire, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, General Mills, and Starbucks.

In 2008, Matt co-founded Fell Swoop, where he leads agency strategy and business development. Matt continues to work closely with clients, participating in product and communications strategy during Clarity Labs for select client projects.

Marissa Devine
Senior Project Manager, TEAGUE

Marissa Devine is a senior project manager for Teague, a design and innovation consultancy specializing in product, service, and experience solutions. Given Teague’s long history and distinguished list of clients, such as Boeing, Intel, Air Canada, Nike, and Panasonic, Teague, Marissa has been asked to facilitate a head-spinning range of projects from airline interior designs to websites aimed at tech workers. Before coming to Teague, Marissa was a project manager for Ambiente European Tile Design. She has an M.A. in Religion/Religious Studies from the University of London, which has proven to be very handy when praying for the successful completion of projects. Marissa also has PMP certification from the Project Management Institute, and she holds a certificate in project management from the University of Washington.

Kristen DeWulf
User Experience Designer, Amazon

Kristen DeWulf is a User Experience Designer at Amazon, supporting the security team within Amazon Web Services. She has her degree in Communication Design from Texas State University and is also a Certified Usability Analyst from Human Factors International. Her career as a User Experience Designer is wide ranging, from start-ups to large corporations, designing mobile applications to large scale consumer websites. Her experience has given her the opportunity to hone in her skills and work in a field that is both fun and rewarding. She has a passion for design and is excited to share it with the students at SVC.

Matt Diefenbach
Matt Diefenbach

Matt Diefenbach is a founding partner and business director at Turnstyle. When he’s not breakdancing, he manages new business development, fosters and maintains client relations, runs projects and oversees Turnstyle’s administrative activities. Matt occupies a key role in developing and maintaining Turnstyle’s client relationships, and works with the design team to ensure that the creative solutions are on target with the client’s expectations. Matt has led a wide range of branding and design projects including DRY Soda, Microsoft, Nissan, Russell Investments and Swedish. Prior to starting Turnstyle, Matt spent six years in account management and business development at Fitch, a global design and branding firm. Matt graduated from Seattle University with degrees in Psychology and French. Matt’s a Ballard native so long as the locals don’t realize that “Diefenbach” is not Scandinavian.

Josh Dirks
Co-Founder, Project Bionic
Josh Dirks

Josh Dirks is the co-founder and CEO of Project Bionic, specialists in online marketing, including social media, email, and invitational marketing. He has a rare combination of backgrounds, with one foot in the digital world, and the other in the realm of sales management. He founded Project Bionic in 2009 after holding positions as director of digital and strategic sales for Entercom, a radio and internet conglomerate. Prior to that, he was director of sales and marketing for Pin Point Marketing, a web development firm, and Door to Door, Inc., a national moving and storage operator. As you might expect, he has a pretty decent LinkedIn profile.

John Dirks
User Research, Partner, Blink UX
John Dirks

John is a partner and senior user researcher at Blink UX. He has worked for nearly two decades as a user researcher and at Blink has a diverse set of clients ranging from scrappy start-ups to software giants, not-for-profits, and governmental organizations. John has run numerous international field studies, which he loves because of the interesting people, places, and snacks. John earned a Master of Science from the University of Washington and a graduate certificate in Human Centered Design.

Lauren DiRusso
Design Director, Hornall Anderson
Lauren DiRusso

Lauren DiRusso graduated with a BFA in Communication Graphics from Texas Christian University. After working in Dallas for various design firms, she moved to Seattle in 1999. She's had the pleasure to partner with a variety of clients, big and small, including Starbucks, Microsoft, Holland America Line, Pepsico, and La Brea Bakery. Along the way she has honed her craft as a visual communicator, conceptual thinker, typography enthusiast, illustrator, Nerf gun sniper; whatever HA can throw at her.

Patti Dobrowolski
Chief Activator/Owner, Self Employed - Up Your Creative Gen
Patti Dobrowolski

Patti rightly bills herself as a visual thinker and change activator. In other words, she uses strategic illustrations to help groups collaborate more effectively and powerfully to make change. Her talents in graphic capture have been put to good use by companies/organizations across business sectors including Starbucks, Nike, Microsoft, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Turner Broadcasting, Nestle-Purina and many other companies, including startups and nonprofits around the world. She’s also appeared in TEDx talks, Draw Your Future, and written the book, Drawing Solutions.

Kate Dobson
Kate Dobson

Kate Dobson is a freelance graphic designer whose experience most recently includes six years at Nordstrom's in-house agency. She continues a contracting relationship there, in addition to working with other organizations. Kate has volunteered her services for area non-profit organizations, such as the Bellevue Arts Museum, ACT Theater, and the Shoreline Farmers Market. Her design background includes all aspects of corporate branding, including logo creation, promotional layout, and design, with a specialty in vector graphics. Kate received a BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and graduated as the salutatorian. She hails from the picturesque state of Vermont.

Pat Doody

Pat co-founded WONGDOODY in 1993 with Tracy Wong. Today, the agency has more than 150 employees in Seattle and Los Angeles, has been profitable for every year of its existence, and in 2013 was named by Advertising Age as “Small Agency of the Year.” Pat spent the formative part of his career on Madison Avenue working with Procter & Gamble and Lever Brothers. He is a four-time Gold Winner of the American Marketing Association’s Effie Award, a national honor for sales effectiveness; a proud alumnus of Notre Dame; and is not the same person as the dead British television announcer.

Chad Driesbach
Chad Driesbach

Chad Driesbach is a User Experience Designer at While he spends his days perfecting the experience of online shopping, he lays awake at night thinking about the role of technology design in humanity’s future, and mentally debating the pros and cons of focus chaining events in Axure. Chad holds a Master of Science in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Carrie Dugan
Design Researcher,

Carrie Dugan is a UX researcher represented by Allovus, a user experience talent agency that provides top-tier professionals to northwest companies. Before going the independent route, Carrie did UX research and design for Premera Blue Cross, Hewlett-Packard, Vertafore, Projectline, World Vision, and Microsoft. It’s her thinking that user research may be the most critical part of the UX process, as unveiling the needs of the user is the answer to creating successful businesses and products. Carrie has a BA in technical communications from the University of Washington School of Engineering.

Joel Eby
Creative Director, POP! Multimedia Inc

Max Eichbaum
Senior UX Designer, Amazon
Max Eichbaum

Max Eichbaum is a senior user experience designer at Amazon, a position he took after serving as a UX designer for REI, Expedia, and Smith/Ascentium. He has also worked in-house and as a consultant to research and design mobile apps, kiosks, internal systems, product websites and campaigns. Currently, his design interests lie in all things mobile. Max has a Masters of Science in Information Management from the University of Washington's Information School. His clients have included REI, USC, TopGolf, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Expedia, MasterCard, and Xerox.

Chris Elliott
Executive Creative Director, Wunderman
Chris Elliott

As ECD for Wunderman Seattle, Chris Elliott leads the agency’s strategic creative output for key clients Microsoft (including Xbox, Office, Dynamics and Mobile Devices), T-Mobile, Group Health, and more. Since joining Wunderman in 2005, Chris has helped build the Seattle agency’s creative team into a powerhouse, growing from a small team to a group of over 50 designers, copy writers, video designers and other creative pros.

Prior to joining Wunderman, Chris’ passion for visual communication led him to work with some of the largest brands in the world including Kraft, Universal Studios, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Holland America, and Major League Baseball. His background spans multiple disciplines from user interface design to content marketing to casino signage and back again.

Christine Ely
President, The World of WordPress
Christine Ely

Christine is a well known WordPress, Social Media and Customer Relationship Management consultant living in Seattle WA. She regularly holds WordPress, SEO and CRM workshops as well as various speaking events. Christine has been involved with software, the Internet and Web Publishing for over 20 years but now develops almost exclusively in WordPress and other ‘Open Source’ technologies.

Christine is an enthusiastic proponent of ‘Open Source’ software and especially WordPress. In her view, WordPress is at the forefront of the ‘open source’ revolution because it epitomizes all that ‘open source’ stands for. It empowers anyone to become a true part of the social media phenomenon. With WordPress, you can develop a superb website and blog; you can maintain it yourself, accommodate many contributors and vast quantities of materials; you can incorporate or share with an amazing assortment of social media sites such as Facebook, Biznik, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and more. You become part of a global community that is expanding every day.

Joel Ertsgaard
Associate Creative Director, F5 Networks

Joel Ertsgaard brings more than 20 years of in-house creative experience — from design and art direction to creative leadership and team development. In his previous role as design director on the creative team at REI, he led the design and execution of a myriad of integrated marketing campaigns. Joel’s forte is delivering results by successfully navigating creative strategy, business goals, stakeholders’ needs, and internal politics. He has earned a BFA in design from Pacific Lutheran University, an MBA from Seattle Pacific University, and a master’s certificate in user-centered design from the University of Washington.

Rahmin Eslami
VP, Creative, Hornall Anderson

Rahmin Eslami is the Vice President of Creative at Hornall Anderson. As capable of bringing ideas to life as he is bringing life to ideas, he has made an impact on a number of global brands. The consummate ENFP personality, Rahmin strives to make people feel things through branding. He believes that conceptual ideas drive better design and that emotion is a powerful vehicle for impact, and he is tireless in his efforts to help bring other creatives along in that journey. Having been a partner and leader in hiring efforts across disciplines, he is a practiced pro at evaluating creative work. While he doesn’t necessarily recommend it, he once reviewed 1000 portfolios in two weeks.

UX Experts

SVC's UX Certificate Program instructors are all seasoned working professionals. Most have experience working on some of the largest brands or agencies in the area, and all have a minimum of five years' professional experience.

Jen Farrell
, Starshaped Press

Since 1999, Jennifer Farrell has operated Starshaped Press in Chicago, focusing on printing everything from business cards to posters, as well as custom commissions, wholesale ephemera and limited edition prints & books. All work in the studio is done with metal and wood type, making Starshaped one of the few presses in the country producing commercial work while preserving antique type and related print materials. Jennifer’s work has been repeatedly recognized both in print and design blogs, and has appeared in poster shows throughout the USA and Europe.

Kerry Ferko Antezana

Kerry Antezana is a freelance creative director who prefers to emphasize “lance” over “free.” She’s been working as an independent for the past three-plus years for clients such as Little Big Brands, POP, Possible and Seattle University, among many others. Before taking the leap, Kerry was a creative and agency services director for Deloitte Digital's social media agency, Banyan Branch, as well as a creative director with JWT INSIDE. If you jump into the Wayback Machine, you’ll find Kerry working as a copywriter at global ad agency, DDB–and freelancing in between all those gigs. Kerry got smart at the University of Washington–and, of course, SVC.

Kate Fernandez
DIrector of Interpretation, Burke Museum
Kate Fernandez

Kate Fernandez is a visual artist and cultural entrepreneur who has been spreading the gospel of letterpress for nearly ten years. She teaches printing throughout the northwest and consults for the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum in Two Rivers, WI. Fernandez is also the founder of the Abactors' Hideout, a print shop at Smoke Farm in Arlington, WA. She received a BA in Comparative History of Ideas from the University of Washington and studied typography and design at the School of Visual Concepts.

Stacey Fischer
Creative Director/Principal, Buoyant Design
Stacey Fischer

As founder and Creative Director of Buoyant Design, Stacey has developed a knack for diversified design, producing brand identities, packaging, Web sites, environments and even children’s books for such clients as Starbucks, Brooks Running, ILLUMAGEAR, Microsoft’s Office for Mac, and The Wing Luke Museum. Prior to Buoyant, her work at Landor Associates, CKS Partners and USWeb, elevated her appreciation for the ability of brand to enlighten, inform, and help people to think beyond the ordinary. Her experience and talent has helped her to win several awards for branding and packaging design. When Stacey is not devising great brands for people to consider and embrace, she likes to get people thinking: she teaches design and packaging, and donates her time and skills to issues that need dynamic advocacy.

Elishema Fishman
Senior UX Lead, Internal developer tools, Amazon Web Services
Elishema Fishman

Elishema Fishman is Senior UX Lead for AWS’s internal developer tools. She’s been working at Amazon for four years and prior to joining AWS she worked on Amazon’s game engine, Lumberyard, as well as search and personalization features on Before joining Amazon, Elishema was lead UX designer on REI’s mobile initiatives, where she researched and designed an iPad app as well as the checkout flows for the mobile Web and smartphone apps. In her free time Elishema enjoys being active and some of her favorite activities include aerial, dancing, and skiing or just hanging out with her husband and their dog.

Andy Fitzgerald
UX Architecture & Design Consultant, Andy Fitzgerald Consulting

Andy Fitzgerald is an independent UX architecture and design consultant with applied expertise in design research, information architecture, interaction design, and prototyping. He works with organizations of all sizes to create elegant solutions to complex information problems. Prior to forming his own practice, Andy held design and director positions with Frog Design and Deloitte Digital where he tackled the problem of effective communication in complex information spaces for a wide range of client organizations in healthcare, education, financial services, retail, entertainment, and transportation. Andy is an active member of the IA and experience design communities and has spoken at UX and IA Conferences all over the world.

Jake Fleisher

In his own words: I’m a career UX researcher trained in product design. I use sketching in my process because clients and colleagues find it a valuable differentiator. It was intimidating and difficult until I found proper mentors. I teach with these inspirational people in mind.

In our own words: Jake Fleisher is design research expert who brings more than 10 years’ experience to his clients in user-centered product design. He’s currently the principal of Pushmower, his independent strategy and research consultancy. He was previously a principal in UX research for BlinkUX, a Seattle firm that specializes in user experience research and design. Other past stops along Jake’s career path include positions as design research manager for Pacific Market International, and hardware human factors researcher for Microsoft. Along with his strategic and consulting work, Jake has been a lecturer at the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design and Engineering and Department of Industrial Design programs.

Glenn Fleishman
Journalist, Self

Glenn Fleishman reports on technology, space, and design from his home in Seattle. A journalist for over two decades, Fleishman started his work life as a typesetter and graphic designer, and has worked for Kodak and Amazon. He appears regularly in the Economist, the Atlantic, Fast Company, and Macworld. He is the 2017 Designer in Residence at the School of Visual Concepts.

Amy Forstrom
Amy Forstrom

Amy Forstrom is a Visual Analytics Program Manager at Tableau Software in Seattle. Her job is to design visualizations and data interactions for data analysts and storytellers. Prior to joining Tableau, Amy worked in the SQL Server business intelligence group at Microsoft on Power View, an interactive data exploration and analysis tool. She has experience as a developer, project manager and BI consultant. In her free time, Amy teaches Data Analysis and Data Visualization through the University of Washington. Amy is passionate about data, visualization and design.

Ed Fotheringham
Illustrator, Smart Alec
Ed Fotheringham

"Mr. Fotheringham" is the signature Ed has used on his work since he began his illustration career. It was, according to Ed, a peurile attempt at being clever, and it seems to have stuck.

Ed's formative years were spent in Sydney, Australia. He was subsequently educated at the University of Washington School of Art.

Ed made a significant occupational change from fine artist/stockboy to illustrator in 1992. Making illustration in areas as varied as punk rock and Neiman Marcus, The New Yorker and Ladies' Home Journal, snarky fiction and illustrated children's books, a Visa Card ad campaign and elementary school auctions, as well as collecting a few awards along the way, Ed continues to enjoy solving visual problems with blotty lines.

Jamie Frech
President, Shaw + Scott
Jamie Frech

As president at Shaw + Scott (, Jamie Frech is able to untangle complex business requirements and guide clients to more effective marketing programs and higher ROI. Her career spans more than 15 years working with innovative brands such as the NBA, Kohl's Department Stores, UnderArmour, Warner Bros., Ford Motor Company, Quicken Loans and Orbitz. Prior to joining the team at Shaw + Scott, Jamie served as Director of CRM for Orbitz Worldwide and has also held senior roles at Responsys, Wunderman and Beyond Interactive. Jamie received her BS in Anthropology and Zoology from the University of Michigan.

Patti Frey Benjamin

Josh Froscheiser
UX/UI Manager and Design Lead, REI

Josh Froscheiser is a UX/UI manager and lead designer for REI, where his work spans native apps, digital design systems, and serving as the UX lead for digital campaigns, such as #OptOutside. In the 11 years Josh has been a UX/UI designer, he's worked in print, branding, video editing, animated short films, responsive web design, and native apps. He currently manages the core e-commerce UX/UI team for the REI website. Josh is a graduate of the University of Washington's BFA program in visual communication and design.

Chris Furniss
Sr. UX Designer - Twitch Prime, Amazon

Chris Furniss is a senior user experience designer at Amazon where he works as a UX and creative lead for Twitch Prime. Chris has a BA in Computer Art from Central Washington University and has a broad range of experience in mobile and web having previously worked at PopCap Games on the Plants vs Zombies and Bejeweled franchises, Kindle, Amazon Display Advertising and Windows Phone. He has a passion for customer-centric design and champions resourcefulness, communication and curiosity as primary tools for UX.

Damon Ganem
UX Leader, Amazon

Damon Ganem is a UX leader for Amazon’s concept lab in Seattle — the city where he was raised and attended both the University of Washington and the Art Institute of Seattle. After leaving school Damon began a successful career in design and technology, which included the founding of several startups spanning mobile applications to consumer products. In 2015, Damon joined Leafly as VP of Product and UX, leading the company to be named "2016's Fastest Growing Company in Washington" by Inc. magazine.

Sarah Garrard
Sarah Garrard

Sarah is an email and web developer for the Oracle Marketing Cloud. She entered the world of email marketing as an office manager in 2010 and has been in the industry ever since. As a self-taught front-end developer, she codes responsive emails, landing pages, and web-based forms for clients such as REI and Nordstrom. Sarah keeps a close eye on email coding techniques and advancements, and is currently experimenting with interactive capabilities. Her broader skill set includes HTML, CSS, XML/XSLT, Javascript, and Ruby. If she's not writing code, you'll find her throwing pottery, practicing yoga, or hanging with her dogs.

Brandon Geary
Chief Strategy Officer, POSSIBLE
Brandon Geary

Brandon Geary is Chief Strategy Officer at the award-winning digital agency, POSSIBLE. Brandon is tasked with leading a team of account planners and business strategists to drive breakthrough experiences while helping shape the future of the agency’s business. Prior to joining the agency, Brandon was SVP of Strategy at Razorfish, where he worked on accounts such as Xbox, Windows, and Netflix. In all, he has 20 years of brand, direct and digital marketing experience across a diverse set of industries and categories, having won both Effies and Webbies.

Ryan Gerber
UX Designer, HTC

Ryan Gerber is a UX designer for HTC. Along with his user experience and product design experience, he has a penchant for software entrepreneurship and business strategy. Having made his way up through the agency world crafting solutions for Fortune 500 clients, Ryan moved on to designing top-selling mobile gaming titles, while launching two successful startups, and guest-speaking at universities across the country. He holds a B.S. in anthropology and theology from Evangel University, as well as a Master’s degree in human and computer interaction design from the University of Washington. In his spare time he writes novels and illustrates books.

Bo Gilliland
Senior Writer, Tether Inc.
Bo Gilliland

Bo Gilliland is on a mission to help his clients and students communicate better. Before taking a job at Tether Inc., he was the marketing communications manager at Methodologie, a Seattle firm that works with the likes of Boeing, the Coca-Cola Company, and the MacArthur Foundation. In addition to working on client projects, Bo was responsible for all of Methodologie’s communications—website, email newsletter, print collateral, you name it. His experience includes writing, editing, content development, and brand strategy for clients such as Safeco, Andrea Bocelli Prosecco, Potlatch Corporation, and Kidder Mathews, to name a few.

Leanna Gingras
Leanna Gingras

Leanna Gingras’ ultimate goal is to make artful, positive contributions to the difficult and exhilarating task of being a human. Lee’s user experience practice draws on a background as a front-end dev, a masters in human-computer interaction, and a bachelors in philosophy. Now at LiquidPlanner, her diverse list of past clients includes Rick Steves, Columbia Sportswear, T-Mobile, and JSTOR. When she’s not busy bribing users with burritos and whiteboarding crazy ideas, she’s off traveling the world and scaling mountains.

Dan Goldgeier
Senior Copywriter, Self Employed/Freelance
Dan Goldgeier

Dan Goldgeier is a Seattle-based freelance copywriter with experience at advertising agencies across the U.S. He’s written marketing materials for clients including UPS, Michelin, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, and UW Medicine. Dan is a graduate of the Creative Circus ad school, and has won ADDY awards in numerous cities. In addition, he is a regular columnist for and the author of two books that highlight the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the ad business. Both books are available on Amazon, and all proceeds from the sale of those books go to feed his dog.

Tana Green
Founder + Principal, UX Horizons

Tana Green is a UX strategist and designer who has collaborated with leading digital agencies and exhibition design firms in New York, Chicago, and Seattle such as Jack Morton, Digitas, Filter, and Razorfish. She recently rebranded her UX consulting practice as UX Horizons, while her travel agency startup, Blur Rail, was recently accepted into the Cascadia Clean Tech Accelerator program.

Trained as an architect and interaction designer, in the last eight years, she has collaborated on the UX design of web and mobile product experiences such as,,, and T-Mobile Digits.

She holds a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University. She received her BA of architecture degree from Cornell in 1999.

Tyler Griffis

Tyler Griffis is associate creative director and copywriter for digital agency, POP. He’s a recent returnee to Seattle after spending nearly 15 years in San Francisco with various digital-led agencies like Organic and MRM//McCann. He’s had the pleasure (and occasional misfortune) of working on some of the nation's biggest brands, including Bank of America, Cisco, Adobe, and the United States Postal Service. He loves creating for digital because there are very few constraints besides the ones you place on yourself. Your canvas is as vast or as tiny as you need it to be, and no other medium provides so great a playground.

Cody Groom
Cody Groom

Cody Groom is a web designer, musician, filmmaker and interactive artist. Fluent in HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Flash and a host of video programs, Cody is a proponent of creative coding. What he means by this is that coding should act as the bridge between a technical skillset and a collaborative, inspired experience. His background encompasses a wide range of projects, having worked with Microsoft, Popcap, Bumbershoot and others. He earned his BFA in Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington, and has taught digital audio and electronic music production at Shoreline Community College.

Ron Gross
Creative Director/Director, The Distillery

Ron Gross is a principal and director/dp for The Distillery. He also continues to direct and shoot through Blue Goose Productions out of Los Angeles. He’s been the creative force behind TV commercials and videos for a long list of northwest and national clients, including the Seattle Mariners, the New Orleans Saints, Washington’s Lottery, the Museum of Flight, Microsoft, Toyota, Coca Cola and Google. His work has been honored by the Cannes International Festival, Clios, The One Show, New York Film Festival and London International Film Festival, among many others.

Sara Guizzo
Recruiting & Development Manager, POP
Sara Guizzo

Sara Guizzo is the Recruiting & Development Manager for POP, one of the largest digital agencies in Seattle. Founded in 1996, the equivalent of the Pleistocene Age in internet years, POP has more than 200 employees in its Seattle and San Jose offices, and they're kept busy working on behalf of Target, Nike, Toyota, and Nintendo among many others. Before joining POP, Sara was a senior recruiter for Ascentium, and a director at FILTER. Earlier still, she did recruiting for the Experience Music Project and

Stanley Hainsworth
Stanley Hainsworth

Stanley Hainsworth is the founder and chief creative officer of Tether. Underneath that highly unorthodox shock of follicular iconoclasm lies the turbocharged brain of a highly attuned branding machine.

Stanley mastered the art of brand storycraft while serving as a creative lead at three of the great brands of our time: Nike, Lego, and Starbucks, where he was VP of Global Creative during an era when the now-ubiquitous brand matured into the cultural icon we know today. His creative influence extended from products and campaigns to all consumer touch points.

Prior to that, as Global Creative Director for the Lego Company in Denmark, Stanley directed a total visual overhaul of the brand, including advertising, interactive, packaging, retail and brand stores. At Nike, as a Creative Director, Stanley worked on everything from the Olympics to creating Nike Entertainment.

Now, at Tether, Stanley heads up a storytelling juggernaut creating branding, design and advertising for a diverse range of clients such as Google, BMW Motorrad, Pepsi, Microsoft, Gatorade and many others. He has written books on branding, is an educator, a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and is a sought after speaker on branding and design worldwide.

Drew Hamlet
Design Director, Hum Creative

Drew Hamlet is the Design Manager of Hum Creative. He grew up in the Central Valley of California before moving to Seattle to attend Cornish College of the Arts, where he received a BFA in Visual Communication. After working with clients such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft he joined Hum Creative to focus on forming more personal connections with clients building brands from the ground up. He enjoys the company of small dogs and likes watching hockey.

Megan Hampton
Email and Web Developer, Oracle
Megan Hampton

Megan is an email and web developer for the Oracle Marketing Cloud. She began her career as a graphic designer and transitioned into web development before immersing herself in the email marketing industry about four years ago. This background gives her an all-encompassing understanding of the process from concept to design to production. Currently, Megan works on transactional emails and has worked with clients including Verizon and Nordstrom. When Megan's not coding, she's usually working on her latest home improvement project.

Cynthia Hartwig
Co-Founder & Creative Director, Self Employed
Cynthia Hartwig

Cynthia Hartwig knows a thing or two about discovering and mentoring creative talent. Among the birds who learned to fly from her nest were fledglings who later landed as creative directors at Publicis, Wieden+Kennedy, POSSIBLE, and DDB. A few started their own highly successful design firms and agencies.

Most of this mentoring happened when Cynthia was creative director of her own advertising agency, Sharp Hartwig. But she’s continue to dispense invaluable advice in her post-advertising life as co-founder of Two Pens, a firm that consults with businesses on how to strategize and write social media posts. In her non-existent spare time, she is a member of the board of directors of AxonVR, a startup bringing touch to virtual reality. She has a BA in English Literature from Duke University, but isn’t that into basketball.

Mike Hayward
Writer and Associate Creative Director but mostly a writer, Copacino+Fujikado
Mike Hayward

Currently the Creative Director at Copacino+Fujikado, Mike Hayward has spent the last 17 years in Seattle working with brands large and small, including McDonald's, Amazon, the Seattle Mariners, REI, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Astroglide (true), Frito Lay, Visit Seattle, Homestreet Bank, Seattle Children's, West Marine, Ex Officio, Premera Blue Cross, Brooks Running, and Washington State University.

Mike’s expertise runs the gamut, from foundational media to digital, social, branding, integrated campaigns and experiential advertising. His work has been recognized by the One Show, Communication Arts, National Addy's, OBIE Awards, Creativity, Adweek, and the Radio Mercury Awards among others.

Rosie Heffernan
Art Director, Intentional Futures

Rosie Heffernan is a freelance artist and senior designer at Intentional Futures in Seattle where she mixes illustration and animation into engaging user experiences for the web, VR, and video. With a background in video editing and animation, she’s been able to break beyond static designs, and integrate movement to communicate directions and add character and life into her projects. Toting a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, Rosie has done design work for a wide range of clients including, Viacom, The Seattle Sounders, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Shirley Hendrickson
Creative Strategist, Facebook
Shirley Hendrickson

Shirley Hendrickson didn’t want to be a writer. Initially, she wanted to be an “artist,” but her parents were a bit worried about that. Something about money, and security, or something. After exploring some questionable “career paths”, she found her way to writing in occasionally award-winning ways, for brands such as Alaska Airlines, the Golden State Warriors, Progresso, JanSport, PepsiCo, Lane Bryant and Starbucks, as well as distinguished publications like The Stranger. Most recently, her work for the Seattle Public Library garnered a National Gold ADDY. She was a student at the School of Visual Concepts in the old days, and teaches copywriting here in the new days.

Scott Hill
Scott Hill

Scott Hill is the proprietor of Evolution Press, a fine commercial printing company specializing in letterpress. He’s a second generation printer, having grown up around the presses at his family’s printing business in New Zealand. He completed a four-year apprenticeship and then worked at printing companies in Sydney, Australia, California, and Washington State. Scott founded Evolution in 2000 with the mission that craft printing should always prevail, and customer service should be as superb as the printing itself.

Michael Hinnant
VP, Experience Design, Smith
Michael Hinnant

Michael is the VP of experience design at SMITH, a leading digital experience agency focused on building experience platforms founded on commerce, content, campaigns and connections. Michael leads SMITH’s user-centered design practice, driving excellence in user research, experience design, and the humane treatment of users everywhere.

During his nearly 20 years of design leadership and work in the trenches, he has had the privilege of working with clients such as Microsoft, MasterCard, Proctor & Gamble, Boeing, Honeywell, Samsonite, T-Mobile, Providence Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and World Vision.

Before studying cognitive psychology and engineering psychology at the University of Illinois, Michael grew up in Chicago and is a life-long Cubs fan. He embraces the philosophy of “Wait ‘Til Next Year” and has found it easy to also root for the Seattle Mariners.

Ryan Hoback
UX Designer, Ratio

Dave Holloway
Dave Holloway

Dave Holloway is director, brand strategy for Windows at Microsoft, a title that belies his long and illustrious career as an advertising creative director and copywriter. Before joining Microsoft, Dave was executive creative director for McGarrah Jessee in Austin; VP, creative director at Publicis in the West, Seattle; and a senior copywriter at Euro RSCG and Bozell in New York. He’s written on job-hunting in the creative field for Ad Age, and is a board member of Creative Circus, One Club, and the Society of Digital Ad Agencies.

Brad Holst
Senior Staff Design Engineer, HBO

For more than 20 years Brad Holst has produced award-winning advertising campaigns at agencies in New York, Chicago and Seattle. He is currently working at HBO where he is helping them imagine their next generation of streaming products. Brad honed his skills at a range of traditional and digital agencies that included Macy's, Imagio and POP. Brad has helped lead creative teams bring forth compelling stories for brands like Microsoft, Nintendo, Xbox, ABC, Target, Amazon, Starbucks and AT&T. In doing so he has received accolades from The Print Design Annual, Print Interactive Annual, Communication Arts, Graphis, The Addy Awards, The Seattle Show and — after one glorious summer slinging cotton candy at a suburban Chicago amusement park — a sweaty supervisor named Fred.

Jason Hoppe
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat Certified Expert, trainer and consultant.
Jason Hoppe

Need your house remodeled? Hankering for a plate of fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies? Want to take a ride in a beautifully restored '59 Edsel Corsair? Would you like to learn Adobe Creative Cloud programs from an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor? Jason Hoppe is your man. With more than 20 years’ experience in high-end production training, photo retouching, color correction, and creative workflow management, Jason has performed high-end electronic production for a long list of top Northwest clients. Is there anything the man cannot do?

Kevin Hyatt
Motion Designer, Freelance

Kevin Hyatt is a freelance motion designer. His clients include Amazon, Microsoft, The Apollo Theater, Slalom Consulting, and King Donuts Teriyaki Laundromat (yes, there actually is such a place). Kevin is a graduate of The Interlochen Arts Academy, received his BFA in Acting from Ithaca College, and is currently pursuing his MA in Motion Media Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. In a former life, he was admissions advisor at the Northwest College of Art and Design, and assistant director of admissions for The Art Institute of Seattle. He speaks fluent Adobe Creative Cloud.

Tether Inc.
Tether Inc.

Stanley Hainsworth (Founder & CCO), Kari Strand (CD) and Steve Barrett (CD) Quick, name three things that Starbucks, Gatorade, Microsoft, Amazon, Pepsi, Dell, Title 9, Nordstrom, Converse, K-Swiss and a swelling roster of highly experiential consumer brands have in common? Hint: Re-read Instructors listing.

Killer Infographics
Killer Infographics

Killer Infographics is a boutique design agency supplying visual communication solutions for brands large and small, as well as the advertising and public relations agencies that serve them. Services include research, design and distribution for infographics, motion graphic (animated video), and interactive infographics. More than 250 global clients reconnect with their audience, grow their brands and build a fan base with the help of Killer Infographics. With over 3,000 viral infographics to their name, Killer Infographics has become one of the top infographic design agencies in the world featuring clients like Microsoft, Starbucks, Adobe, Mint, TurboTax and more!

Kane Jamison
Founder, Content Harmony
Kane Jamison

Kane Jamison is the founder of Content Harmony, a content marketing agency based in Seattle that serves a range of B2C & B2B clients across the country. Kane's team specializes in helping clients with full-cycle content marketing efforts, from strategy through creation, promotion, and analytics. Kane is also a community associate with Moz, and has spoken on digital marketing topics at industry events such as SMX Social, State of Search, WordCamps, and more. Prior to starting Content Harmony, Kane headed up marketing and business development for a vacation rental management company.

Maureen Jann

Maureen Jann is the director of marketing for Point It, a Seattle-based digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, social media, and pay-per-click advertising. One of Washington’s top-100 fastest growing private companies, Point It clients include Microsoft, AT&T, Tableau, Concur, and DocuSign.

Before joining Point It, Maureen was senior marketing manager for Intrepid Learning, a corporate learning and training service that was acquired by Xerox in 2014. She earlier handled B2B marketing communications — including direct mail campaigns, webinars, blogging and social media — for Powerit Solutions, an energy management company serving large commercial energy users.

In addition to her work at Point It, Maureen also helps small businesses and entrepreneurs through her independent consulting business.

Scott Janzen
Director of Communications, Trupanion
Scott Janzen

Scott Janzen is proprietor of Janzen & Associates and 30-year PR veteran, managing local and national clients at DDB Seattle, WONGDOODY, Cole & Weber and The Fearey Group, among other agencies. He’s worked on accounts like Holland America Line, McDonald’s, Nintendo, Dell, Beck’s Beer, Washington’s Lottery and Eddie Bauer. And although he’s won lots of PR awards, they’re all collecting dust in his garage.

Experimental Jetset

Experimental Jetset is a graphic design company based in Amsterdam. It was founded by Marieke Stolk, Danny van den Dungen and Erwin Brinkers, who met when they studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Their style can be described as conceptual and minimalistic. They are known for their use of Helvetica, which is often, but not exclusively, used in their works. They designed the packaging of the Blu-ray version of Helvetica the movie, where they also appeared.

Beck Johnson
Senior Developer, Avanade

Beck Johnson is a senior developer for Avanade, a worldwide provider of digital and cloud services to business. Before joining Avanade, she was a developer for Starbucks, Getty Images, and Ascentium (now SMITH). Along with building websites with HTML and CSS, Beck’s specialties include jQuery and other JavaScript frameworks, and back-end programming platforms, including C# and ASP.NET. A graduate of Western Washington University with a BS in Computer Science, Beck also studied abroad at the University of Tasmania in Australia. In her spare time, she is an avid player of both boardgames and video games.

Demian Johnston
Pressman/Designer, Annie's Art & Press

Demian Johnston is the Designer and Pressman at Annie's Art & Press, a letterpress shop in Ballard. He first attended SVC in 2010 and began serving as a teaching assistant a few years later. His design and illustration work has appeared in The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, City Arts and Beer Advocate. He is also the founder of the art and music label Dead Accents.

Nicholas Kastner
Senior Product Designer, Vantage Sports

Nicholas Kastner is a relatively recent arrival to Seattle, coming to the Pacific Northwest from San Francisco to work as senior product designer for Vantage Sports, providers of advanced statistics for professional basketball teams. He began as a UX designer, developing e-learning interfaces while constructing information architectures for VoiceThread, an interactive collaboration tool commonly found in educational environments. In 2011, he participated in Project M, a platform designed to drive positive social change through rapid prototyping and design thinking. Nicholas believes the best digital experiences are created by solving user-centric problems, and that we can learn more by understanding what doesn't work than by observing what does.

Allan Kempson
Allan Kempson

Allan Kempson is a Customer Experience Strategist at REI, where he is responsible for researching and evangelizing how to improve the cross-channel customer experience. He spends most of his time in the muddy intersection of service design, interaction design, and architecture. Prior to REI, his clients have included Microsoft, Gates Foundation, AT&T, T-Mobile, Allstate, and Electronic Arts. He has a Masters of Science in Human Computer Interaction from DePaul University.

David Kendall
Principal, UX Design, AT& T
David Kendall

David Kendall is a creative leader with extensive expertise in design, UX, and retail branding. His experience spans publication design, packaging, brand development, advertising, signage & way finding, and UX design. His clients have included museums, retail, consumer, finance, technology, publishing, and airline industries among others.

He's currently at AT&T in the Digital Design and User Experience group where he directs creative groups and leads strategic design programs. Previously, he established Kendall Ross and over the course of twelve years grew it into an award winning a retail brand design agency.

David received a BFA in Design and a BA in Japanese at the University of Washington as well as a MFA in Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Matt Kinberg
Founder, Digital Mullet

Matt Kinberg is the Founder of Digital Mullet, a digital agency focused in user experience, design, and development located in Ballard. A few of his clients include Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Global Good, Washington State Convention Center, Pioneer Square, Intellectual Ventures, and Seattle Sounders FC.

Matt has been making websites since he was 12 during the early days of the internet. After earning his B.A. in Communication/Advertising from Washington State University (GO COUGS!), Matt moved to Seattle where he became an intern and then a staffer at WONGDOODY. In his non-existent spare time, Matt likes to play drums, work on his project BMW, and golf. Caution: Matt has dad jokes.

Cara Kleid

Cara Kleid is a senior user experience designer for Varsity Tutors, a startup that connects students with experts via mobile, web, and in-person. Before joining Varsity Tutors, Cara was a senior UX designer at the digital agency, Fell Swoop, and prior to that, she spent a year as a product development lead for the Grameen Foundation in Kampala, Uganda. In these positions and others, she’s done work for Facebook, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Microsoft, bringing her passion for human-centered design to create a positive impact for people and for businesses. As an instructor, Cara values experiential learning and strives to foster an inclusive and expansive environment for her students.

Jeff Kleinsmith
Senior Art Director, Sub Pop Records

Jeff Kleinsmith has been Sub Pop Records’ art director for more than 20 years. All the while, he’s designed hundreds and hundreds of posters and album covers for bands you’ve definitely heard of, and ones you probably haven’t. His work has appeared in numerous design books, magazines, and in various gallery shows. Jeff’s work is also in the permanent collection at MoPOP and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jeff was named one of the 40 most influential designers by ID Magazine and one of the nicest people in Seattle by the School of Visual Concepts.

Tiffany Kosa
Art Director, Bonsai Media Group

Who said unicorns don't exist? Tiffany Kosa is a UI Designer slash Front-End Developer slash UX Designer hailing from Seattle. She got her start right here at SVC, and over the last seven years has worked for both start-ups and big tech companies alike. She is currently working as a web motion consultant for companies such as Logitech and T-Mobile. She’s also a web/UX designer with the boutique studio, Sayenko Design. She is experienced in the entire product lifecycle, while her core passion is communicating through visual and motion design to help guide an experience or propel a narrative. According to Tiffany, "Prototyping allows designers to show more and tell less through the use of motion and meaningful interactions. This should be a tool every designer possesses."

Aaron Krantz
Aaron Krantz

Aaron Krantz is an Associate Creative Director at Kitterman Marketing, a Seattle-based firm specializing in business-to-business marketing for some of the world’s leading technology companies. In this role, Aaron works on a wide variety of digital projects, for clients such as Microsoft, Vertafore, DataWorks, Siemens, and T-Mobile. Before joining Kitterman, Aaron was the Director of Creative Services for WildTangent games. With more than 12 years of experience in the creative industry, his work has included web design, UI/UX, front end development, motion graphics, and 3D illustration.

John Kubalak
Marketing Program Manager, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
John Kubalak

John is an accidental project manager. After failing to secure a position as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, he spent several years as a project manager on both the agency and client side. After a long run at Microsoft, where he was a site manager and editor on, he spent a few years freelancing before returning to agency work as digital project manager for GreenRubino. Over the course of his career he has produced a wide variety of digital media projects for clients such as Porsche, Intel, Eddie Bauer, BECU, and Goodwill.

Paula Land
CEO, Self, UW

Paula Land divides her time between being a content strategy consultant and a technology entrepreneur. As founder and Principal Consultant at Strategic Content, she develops content strategies and implementation plans for private clients ranging from nonprofits to large technology companies as well as partnering with other agencies on large-scale projects. As co-founder of Content Insight, she is the impetus behind the development of CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, which creates automated content inventories. Paula is also the author of Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook (2014, XML Press).

Annabelle Larner
owner, Larner Archiving and Preservation, self
Annabelle Larner

After a trip to the Plaza Santa Domingo in Mexico City, where letterpress printers still run a viable business printing love letters, business cards, and calendars, Annabelle was captivated and knew it would be a life-long interest. While adept at setting type and carving linoleum blocks for printing, she also likes to experiment on the presses—with pressure printing, collagraphs, hand-brayering, printing on wood and trying new materials to see what happens. When she’s not printing, she sometimes gets to handle daguerreotypes and tintypes for her business, Larner Archiving and Preservation.

Jennifer League
Lead Editor, Projectline-Microsoft

Jenn has worked all around Seattle — at agencies and in house — since late 1999, when she transplanted here from Boston. After a year or two working at a dot com startup as a production designer, she returned to her roots in content. In various editorial roles, she has designed, written, and edited countless style guides. Most recently she's served as the senior editor and content manager at F5 Networks, and she's now a lead editor for the Microsoft Azure team through Projectline. She is also currently obsessing about why "on-premise" isn’t a word, and how ampersands are the worst.

Jesse LeDoux
Owner, LeDouxville, Co-Owner, Patent Pending Industries
Jesse LeDoux

Born in Portland, Oregon, Jesse LeDoux worked for many years as an art director for Seattle-based Sub Pop Records where he created iconic album and poster artwork for such artists as the Shins ('Best album packaging' Grammy nominee for Chutes Too Narrow), Iron and Wine and Death Cab for Cutie before leaving in 2004 to focus on his client-based and personal work at LeDouxville. Parallel to working on commercial illustration and collaborative projects for such clients as Nike, Kidrobot, Giro, Penguin UK, Rome Snowboards and Target, he has exhibited internationally. Most recently, his work was included in the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial (2007) and an installation at the University of Maryland (2008). A large-scale mural of his work can currently be seen in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Susie Lee
Artist / Entrepreneur

Susie Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Siren, a dating app that unlocks real personality for first time-conversations. A graduate of Yale, Columbia and UW with degrees in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, science education, and art, Lee brings her skills as a social sculptor to amplify humanity in technology. Her work has been collected by numerous institutions including the Denver Art Museum, Mitchell Center for the Arts, Frye Art Museum, and Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. Siren partnered with Durex on a 37 million view campaign and has been featured on NPR, The Guardian, CNN, The Stranger, GeekWire, ThinkProgress, Frieze, and The Establishment.

Aaron LeMay

As 20 year industry veteran, Aaron LeMay directed visual design, creative and game production at Volition, Bungie, and other developers. Aaron has made major contributions to multi-million dollar franchises including Red Faction®, The Punisher™, Saints Row™, and Halo. At Volition, LeMay was responsible for pitching the franchise Saints Row™ , as well as held a variety of roles including Visual Designer and Associate Producer. As an Art Director at Bungie, he directed outward facing operations for Halo 3 and other Halo titles while overseeing visual development of the brand identities of Bungie and the Halo franchise. He is currently working as Creative Director at En Masse Entertainment and utilizing his game industry knowledge in empowering people through the power of play.

Melissa Lewis
Data Wrangling and Visualization, Periscopic
Melissa Lewis

Melissa Lewis is responsible for data munging, exploratory data analysis, and strategic design at Periscopic, a Portland-based interactive data visualization firm whose mission is “Do good with data.” She has worked with government, academic, scientific, and nonprofit data both professionally and as a volunteer for the Code for America Portland Brigade and Hack Oregon. Before joining Periscopic, Melissa worked for The Center for Open Science, an open science nonprofit building tools to help scientists research more openly. She has a B.A. from Reed College, where she focused on behavioral and cognitive neuroscience.

Ron Lichty
Independent Software Engineering Management Consultant

Ron Lichty is a software engineering leadership consultant and a certified Scrum Master. He has trained teams in Scrum, transitioned teams from waterfall and iterative methodologies to Agile, and coached teams already using Agile to make their development process hum. An interim CTO and acting VP Engineering, Ron began his career as a programmer and then a product manager. He is a regular speaker at events such as Agile Camp, AgileIndy, Code Camp, Agile Open, Product Camp, and the Agile Leadership Network.

Devin Liddell
Principal Brand Strategist, Teague
Devin Liddell

Devin Liddell is the principal brand strategist for TEAGUE. Prior to joining Teague, Devin was director of brand strategy for Phinney Bischoff and before that, the Seattle studio of FITCH. Devin has worked across a broad spectrum of industries: aerospace, higher education, software/technology, food and beverage, and retail — his clients, past and present include Amazon, Boeing, GE, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Nordstrom, Anheuser Busch, and Woodland Park Zoo.

Tom Llewellyn
Director of Global Content Marketing, Russell Investments
Tom Llewellyn

Tom Llewellyn is the director of global content marketing at Russell Investments. Prior to this role, he was Russell Investment’s creative director, and managed an in-house team of about 20 talented creatives. Tom’s copywriting work has won a bunch of award hardware over the years. He’s given a TedX talk on guerilla messaging. And his team at Russell was recognized with an outstanding achievement award for in-house work by How Magazine. When he’s not at Russell, Tom is the writing half of a street-art poster project called Beautiful Angle, which has been hanging letterpress posters around the city of Tacoma for more than 11 years.

Diane Longmoor
Diane Longmoor

Diane has more than a decade of experience as a user experience designer and researcher. As Senior User Experience Designer at Fell Swoop, she designs websites, applications, and digital products that make customers happy and businesses successful. Drawing on her background in anthropology and information science, she believes that the foundation of a great user experience rests on two things: a deep understanding of users and a design strategy that aligns with their needs. Diane has worked with wide array of clients including Kohler, T-Mobile, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Harley-Davidson.

Cameron Luck
UX Designer II, Amazon

Cameron Luck is a UX Designer II at Amazon, where he does strategy, sketching, wire-framing, visual design, and prototyping on the Amazon Sumerian team — a development platform for building interactive scenes for virtual reality and augmented reality hardware. Cameron has a special interest in the technical and research sides of UX, which has led him to get hands-on experience with a variety of research methods, including interviews, focus groups, walk-throughs, heuristic evaluations, user observation, activity mapping, and task analysis. Before joining Amazon, Cameron was a UX designer for an IBM + Apple partnership, InterContinental Hotels, and General Motors — all in Atlanta. He has a BS in Computational Media — Interaction Design and Experimental Media from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jennifer Lyons
Owner, Lyons Creative

Jen Lyons is a copywriter, branding consultant, and owner of Lyons Creative, a small agency serving clients in the travel, real estate, retail, and health care sectors. With a focus on engaging, on-brand, customer-focused copywriting, Lyons Creative has worked with clients including Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Zillow, Holland America, Coca-Cola, BECU, and Jen also uses her creative chops in the nonprofit world, working as a pro-bono Branding Strategy Officer for Carry the Future, a grassroots organization serving refugee families around the world.

Alex Madison
Freelance Writer, Alex Madison Copy

Alex Madison is a freelance writer with 10-plus years of freelance and agency experience, specializing in interactive digital campaigns. She got her start at a fast-paced email marketing firm, Smith-Harmon, and has since partnered with agencies and organizations on retail, B2B, nonprofit, university, and political advocacy campaigns. Past and current clients include REI, Verizon, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Tulane University, Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, Amazon, and Relief International. She also writes long-form nonfiction and fiction and recently finished an MFA at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Saki Mafundikwa

Saki Mafundikwa is the founder and director of the Zimbabwe Institute of Vigital Arts (ZIVA), a design and new media training college in Harare, Zimbabwe. He was educated in the USA with a BA in Telecommunications and Fine Arts from Indiana University and an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University. He returned home in 1998 to found ZIVA after working in New York City as a graphic designer, art director and design instructor.

Mafundikwa’s book, Afrikan Alphabets: the Story of Writing in Africa, was published in 2004. Besides being of historical importance, it is also the first book on Afrikan typography. His first film, Shungu: The Resilience of a People, a feature-length documentary had its world premiere at 2009’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). It won the prestigious Ousmane Sembene Award at Zanzibar International Film Festival and Best Documentary at Kenya International Film Festival both in 2010 and has screened at some of the top film festivals in the world. The film is an objective, in-depth look at the causes and effects of Zimbabwe’s political and economic decline through the voices of ordinary Zimbabweans.

As an educator, Mafundikwa urges African designers to learn from the past and draw on the history of Africa’s written words and symbology for inspiration. “The dream,” he says, “is for something to come out of Africa that is of Africa.”

Bryan Mamaril
Senior Design Manager, Microsoft
Bryan Mamaril

Bryan Mamaril is a senior UX designer at Microsoft, working on the maps app for Windows. Before coming to Microsoft, he worked for some of Seattle’s top design agencies including Tether, Hornall Anderson and Turnstyle. He’s been a guest lecturer at the University of Washington and is the former Director of Education for AIGA Seattle. Bryan’s work has been recognized by regional, national and international publications and he was voted “Most Persistent” in kindergarten.

Ana Sofia Mariz
Ana Sofia Mariz

Ana holds an MA in Design from PUC-Rio, where she fell in love with book design. She spent many years as lead designer for Record Publishing Group, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, before moving to the U.S.A. She also co-founded Versalete, a Rio-based graphic design studio which served a large publishing clientele. Recently, she started her own Seattle-based design studio and is excited to be back in the swing of things.

Terry Marks
el jefe, tmarks
Terry Marks

Terry Marks is a principal at tmarks, a strategic design firm that works with brands across the U.S. Terry’s work has received awards from every major design publication. He has also been a contributor and speaker for HOW, profiled in Neenah’s Against The Grain, judged the StepInside Design 100, the Chicago Biennial, and the HOW International Design Annual. Named an AIGA Fellow by AIGA Seattle for his work and public service, Terry has relatively fresh breath most of the time and is a good dancer.

Ed Marquand

Ed Marquand has started and maintained several creative businesses. Lucia|Marquand has evolved from a graphic design studio to an international art book publishing company. He and his staff of ten editors, designers, and administrative employees produce distinctive, award-winning art books for more than 200 museums in the United States and abroad. In 2005, Marquand founded Mighty Tieton, an artisan business incubator located in Central Washington.

Amy Marshall
Talent Director, Hornall Anderson
Amy Marshall

Amy Marshall is talent director for Hornall Anderson, the largest brand experience agency in the Northwest. Amy joined HA in 2010 and is responsible for staff and freelance talent acquisition (along with many more HR-y sounding things) which means she and her team look at hundreds – if not thousands – of portfolios every year. She has a background in fine art and started in the creative recruiting field in 2003, which made her an expert even before she received her certificate in HR Management from the University of Washington. And she likes to tell Michael what to do.

Laura Martin
Senior UX Design Lead, Amazon

Laura Martin is a senior UX design lead at Amazon where her team focuses on the returns experience for Amazon customers. She came to Seattle in 2016 from Santa Barbara where she was a lead UX designer for Citrix, the people who bring you GoToMeeting. In that role, she lead (among many other things) mobile design for the iOS and Android versions of GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting. She started her career in digital in 2001 as a web experience designer at Progressive Insurance, and then as a business analyst and usability specialist for Ford Motor Company. Laura has a bachelor’s degree in information technology and human-computer interaction and a master’s of HCI from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ellie Mathews
, Self

Ellie Mathews is a partner with her husband in The North Press in Port Townsend. She spends much of her time designing and printing poetry broadsides, primarily for Copper Canyon Press, and is herself a published poet. But there is much more to the Ellie Mathews story than poetry. She holds a degree in geography from the University of Washington, worked in design and software development, and is the author of four books. She has also won cooking and writing awards including the Milkweed Prize, a grant from the Seattle Artists Program, a Fishtrap Fellowship, and the Pillsbury Bake-Off grand prize (luck seasoned with a pinch of creativity).

Kim Mats Mats

Kim Mats Mats is a UX director at Avanade, where she leads teams in UX strategy and human-centered design, creating digital experiences for Fortune 500 companies. After starting her career developing taxonomies for Microsoft's media archive, she moved on to developing enterprise content management solutions, interaction design for tablet applications and responsive websites, and designing and facilitating user research studies. As a UX consultant, Kim has pursued a range of different opportunities, from intranet design for a startup in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, leading an ethnographic study of over 100 healthcare professionals across the US, and in March 2017 presented a mixed reality demo on the HoloLens at the Information Architecture Summit in Vancouver. Kim holds a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington's Information School.

Jen Matson
Senior User Experience Design Manager, Getty Images
Jen Matson

Jen Matson is a senior UX design manager for Getty Images. Jen has more than 20 years of experience designing and building web sites for companies such as Amazon, Comedy Central, LEGO and T-Mobile. Her specialties include information architecture, user interface design, data-informed design, mobile web, web application and interaction design, prototyping with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (including HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery).

Stuart Maxwell
Lead Information Architect, REI

Stuart Maxwell is a lead information architect at REI, where he works on site navigation, findability strategy, metadata schema design, and taxonomy/ontology development. He has presented conference talks about the organizational challenges of overhauling an eCommerce navigation design, and about cross-channel considerations for information architecture in digital and physical retail spaces. Prior to working at REI, he managed IT and production services for a local environmental consulting firm. Stuart led the organizing committee that brought the World IA Day celebration to Seattle in 2015, and is the experience director for IA Summit 2017. He has a Masters in Information Management from the University of Washington's Information School and is a member of both ASIS&T and the Information Architecture Institute.

Matt McCain

Matt McCain is a freelance creative director and copywriter, catching his breath after 16 years as a copywriter and creative director for the highly regarded Seattle and Los Angeles ad agency, WONGDOODY. During his time with WD, Matt won every significant creative award the industry bestows, including Cannes Gold, One Show, One Show Interactive, Radio Mercury Awards Grand Prize, Communication Arts, D&AD;, Clios, and Webby Awards.

He’s created campaigns — and some would say, “big ideas” — for Amazon Fire TV, Washington State Department of Health’s anti-smoking initiative, Subway, Alaska Airlines, Quiznos, Nike, the LA Dodgers, and the proverbial “many more.”

Keeli McCarthy
Graphic Designer, Fantagraphics Books Inc

Keeli isn’t coming to SVC with the express purpose of making you insanely jealous because she has the job you want, but it will probably turn out that way. As a senior graphic designer for Fantagraphics Books, she designs for a large stable of cartoonists, while contributing her own talents at illustration, and hand-lettering. She earned her BFA in visual communications, graphic design from the University of Arizona, and worked as a book designer for Klutz Press before landing the dream job at Fantagraphics in 2014.

Michael McGrath
Creative Director, Hydrogen Advertising

Michael McGrath is creative director at Hydrogen, an independent ad agency in Seattle. Throughout his career Michael has created meaningful ideas for everything from small companies to some of the worlds most iconic brands—including Sharpie and Starbucks Coffee. Along the way, he’s been fortunate enough to garner industry recognition and more than his fair share of awards. Michael has lead creative teams at large 1400-person agencies, small 8-person agencies and smaller yet, as a 1-person independent freelancer. He was even responsible for building the first in-house advertising group within Starbucks Global Creative from the ground up.

Mindy Messenger
Mindy Messenger

Mindy Messenger is a content strategist who specializes in advocating for and developing content strategies within very large, decentralized companies and organizations. She's written, edited, and evangelized quality online content for nearly 10 years, and believes it's important to create experiences that meet both an organization's goals and their customers' needs.

Yefeng Miao
Yefeng Miao

Yefeng graduated from the master program in Information Management at University of Washington, with an undergraduate background in Computer Science. She strongly believes in the value of user-centered design and is passionate about creating enjoyable, usable, meaningful experience to make people’s lives easier and more delightful. She helped create digital experience for both national and international brands, in various channels including web, mobile and tablet. Yefeng has worked with clients such as Microsoft, T-Mobile, Kohler, PwC, MasterCard and CLEAR.

Hillary Miller
VP, Account Strategy, Hydrogen
Hillary Miller

Hillary Miller is vice president of account strategy for Seattle agency, Hydrogen. She brings more than 20 years of strategy experience to their periodic table, from creative boutiques to multinational agency networks such as BBDO, DDB, Wunderman, and now Hydrogen. She has led strategy and training for numerous agencies at Mirren New Business Development. In every role she's filled, she drives all aspects of what she calls "business concepting" through delivering actionable consumer insights, business analytics, and innovative channel strategies.

Hillary has helped launch new brands and course-correct existing ones. She’s worked on a variety of clients, including T-Mobile, McDonalds, Holland America Line, Microsoft, Amtrak, Pizza Hut, The North Face and JanSport.

Dave Miller
Principal Recruiter, Artefact

Dave Miller is the principal recruiter for Artefact, a 100-plus person design consultancy that uses human-centered design to solve complex problems and create timeless experiences. Before joining Artefact, Dave was the director of recruiting for the staffing firm, 24 Seven. He was also an account manager for The Creative Group and a technical recruiter for Volt. A graduate of the Art Institute of California-San Diego, Dave is the director of community outreach for AIGA Seattle.

Clemente Miller
UX Lead, ThisPlace

Clemente Miller is the UX Lead at This Place, a London-based digital agency with offices in Seattle and Tokyo. Clemente’s role at This Place is to further develop the UX discipline while guiding and supporting the design team from research to realization of the product experiences developed.

Clemente plays an active role by conducting business and user research, facilitating business and user-focused workshops, crafting the information architecture, developing prototypes, and validating the product experience through various user testing methods for T-Mobile and other agency clients.

Before joining This Place, Clemente was a Senior User Experience Designer at Smashing Ideas, working exclusively on a high profile fortune 100 company to re-envision the future for how education intersects with existing and emerging technology to deliver a more immersive learning experience. Prior to that, he was an Interactive Art Director at an ad agency in Pittsburgh.

Clemente believes that, while technology can do great things for people, it can equally be damaging to our well-being. From his point-of-view, it’s the role of UX designers — and everyone contributing to the development of a product experience — to create experiences that enhance, not undermine, our quality of life.

Carl Montford
Proprieter, The Montford Press
Carl Montford

Carl Montford is the proprietor of Montford Press in West Seattle, one of the few limited edition handpress shops in the Northwest. His area of expertise is wood engraving, which he has been perfecting since about 1970. Along with hand engraving, Carl is also regarded as an expert on the iron handpress having produced both broadsides and limited edition chapbooks. His most cherished possession in his shop is a Wm. A. Field Reliance handpress, an antique and an object of great artistic beauty in its own right.

Jim Moore

Jim Moore has been carefully perusing words since he was a boy. Schoolmates accused him of reading the dictionary to try to find mistakes in it – a fine bit of foreshadowing of his future professional life. He began getting paid to find errors for his family’s small-town newspaper several years before he could drive; he later earned a degree in journalism and taught English at the high school level. A writer as well as a proofreader, Jim has published two nonfiction books and dozens of articles for travel publications. In 1999 he founded Word Jones, a word-services firm that has evolved into a virtual marketing agency. For Word Jones he has proofed, edited and written for an average of 45 clients per year, including many of the Northwest’s top creative agencies.

Tom Moran
Executive Creative Director, POP
Tom Moran

As Executive Creative Director at POP, Tom is responsible for defining the agency’s creative vision, selling that vision to clients and implementing the structures and processes that allow his vision to scale across the agency. With eighteen plus years of experience in digital marketing, Tom has produced award-winning work for brands like Target, Microsoft, British Airways, BMW Motorcycles, IKEA, Pfizer, Smith Barney and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Prior to joining POP, Tom held creative positions at, Deutsch Inc., and Merkley + Partners. Tom's work has been recognized in the Communication Arts Best of Interactive Annual, FCS Awards, The FWA, WebAwards, London International Advertising Awards, and One Show Interactive.

Greg Morgan
Creative Director & Owner, Astronauts & Poets
Greg Morgan

Greg Morgan is creative director and owner of Astronauts & Poets, a worldwide design and art collective comprised of artists, designers, producers, directors, musicians and writers. A/P's expertise is in creating branded experiences through design, art, film and music. The company has a who's who list of clients, including Starbucks, Microsoft, Nokia, Nordstrom, Expedia, Quicksilver and GQ. Projects range from traditional identity and branding, to live event, public installation and interactive experiences. Before founding A/P, Greg was creative director for Touch Worldwide and ran his own design firm Morgan_Mohon in Austin, Texas. He was previously in Seattle in the ‘90s where he had served as creative director and designer at Seattle's The Leonhardt Group, Fitch, and Foundation.

Bruce Morser
Illustrator, Freelancer
Bruce Morser

Bruce Morser is an internationally recognized freelance illustrator and educator living and working from Vashon Island. His illustrations have appeared in a variety of publications, including National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal. His commercial clients over the years have included Apple, NASA, Nike, Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Nordstrom, and Nike. Bruce regularly presents and teaches on the subject of creativity. He received an MFA in Painting from the University of Washington in 1988. Before that, Bruce earned a BA from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY in 1976. He has also served as a Trustee of the school for the last 14 years.

Chris Mowrer
User Experience Designer 2, Microsoft

Chris Mowrer is a freelance senior UX designer. He has spent most of his career so far working at Microsoft on the casual games, Xbox LIVE, and Lync teams. He then moved to Expedia where he was a senior interaction designer. Chris’ specialty is creating intuitive experiences and user-centric interfaces across platforms from desktop to mobile for industry leaders in gaming and travel. His work has included game interfaces, user retention and rewards programs, competitive research, purchasing flows and website re-designs. Chris is adept at all aspects of the design process, including creative direction, information architecture, prototyping and visual design. In his time at Microsoft and Expedia he held a variety of titles including UX manager, senior UX designer, lead UX designer, and senior information architect. While at Microsoft, Chris was honored as one of 20 employees across the entire company to participate in Microsoft's User Experience Leadership Program.

Chris Munroe
Visual Designer, Freelance

Chris Munroe is the art director of Killer Infographics, a Seattle-based industry leader in visual communication. Holding a BA in graphic design from Western Washington University as well as an ATA in Visual Communication from Everett Community College, Chris wields an array of design skills, ranging from illustration, animation, and scene direction to asset creation and data visualization for static and interactive projects. He leads Killer Infographics’ design team by ensuring all artwork reflects a high standard of visualization. When he’s not designing, you can find Chris sinking 3-pointers on his neighborhood basketball court.

Damon Nakagawa
Creative Director, Digital Kitchen

Damon Nakagawa is creative director for Digital Kitchen. He has an extraordinary ability to design large-scale visual systems from concept through execution across every medium. He has 20 years of experience developing brands, visual identities and corporate communications for a variety of clients and industries including these Fortune 100 companies: Boeing, Coca-Cola, Avery Dennison and Target. He has a degree in architecture from the University of Washington and graphic design and illustration from Seattle Central Community College. He finds inspiration in laser light shows, distortion pedals and road trips, and loves to cook, garden and camp.

Josh Naugher
, 36 Arms
Maria Nelson
Creative Director, Dogged Design
Maria Nelson

Maria Nelson is Creative Director of Dogged Design in Seattle, where she puts more than 15 years of experience to work for direct clients, as well as Seattle's top ad agencies, including WONGDOODY, Copacino+Fujikado, Publicis, and DDB. She’s art directed projects for Washington Mutual Bank, REI, Alaska Airlines, the Seattle SuperSonics, the Seattle Mariners, Holland-America, and numerous other clients you’ve never heard of. When not immersed in making ads—which pitifully, is seldom—Maria is an avid runner, bicyclist, home remodeler, and dog poop picker-upper. More than once, on the Feast of Santa Lucia, she has been spotted wearing candles in her fabulous head of hair while serving sweet rolls.

Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is a WordPress aficionado with a B.S. in Civil Engineering (aka, problem solving). He grew up coding in HTML when the Internet was young, continuing to code on a daily basis through college and expanding into WordPress nearly a decade ago. He works during the day as a structural engineer, building structures in the physical world, while maintaining an active freelance WordPress development business by night, creating structures in the digital world. Clients are primarily start-ups, non-profits, and small businesses, with recent work including,, and The 3B Box.

Callie Neylan
Senior Designer, Office Graphics and Visualizaiton, Microsoft
Callie Neylan

Callie Neylan is an interaction designer, researcher, and writer. She is a senior designer at Microsoft Office, working on data visualization for Excel. Prior to Microsoft, Callie was a full-time academic, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in interaction and visual design while researching design and technology for the visually-impaired. She has also provided visual and interaction design for renowned design firms and non-profits including Gensler, Teague, and NPR.

Adam Nowak

Adam Nowak writes stuff and makes things. And oversees other people who write stuff and makes things. It all comes with the territory of being a creative director at Seattle agency, WONGDOODY. After graduating from Miami Ad School in 2004, Adam’s been a leader at some of the world’s best agencies: DDB Chicago, TBWA Chiat Day – Los Angeles, and Foote Cone & Belding West.

Throughout his career he’s created effective and award winning concepts for iconic brands such as McDonald’s, Budweiser, Gatorade, Nissan, Taco Bell, Dell, Levi’s and Amazon. Most recently he was the creative architect behind Taco Bell’s “Live Mas” campaign and Levi’s massive “Live In Levi’s” global rebrand. Oddly enough, he hates using “Live” in taglines.

Meg O'Brien
Designer, Tether
Meg O'Brien

Meg is currently a graphic designer at Tether, a position she took about two years ago after a brief time at Cut Media designing information graphics. As a young and emerging designer in Seattle, Meg is eager and excited to share her fresh perspective on design and storytelling with the community at SVC!

Meg moved out West to the fern-covered forests of the Pacific Northwest after receiving her BFA in Graphic Design from the NC State University College of Design in Raleigh. In the past, she had led classes at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh and North Carolina State University Design Camp.

Dennis O'Reilly
Senior Creative Director, Rational Interaction

Dennis O’Reilly is the senior creative director at Rational Interaction. But, of course, there’s always more to the story. As a creative director/writer with a background in brand and social strategy, advertising, design, and experiential marketing, Dennis believes it’s his job is to find what’s there and why it matters—and make you care. Over his 17-year career he’s created award-winning advertising, branded experiences and marketing programs at a handful of shops, for a mix of clients, including Microsoft, Starbucks, JanSport, Swedish Medical Center, Coinstar and Celestial Seasonings. He loves to dig deep into clients’ most complex business challenges, especially when they can be solved with simple human truths, humor or, better yet, simple and humorous human truths.

Brian O'Shea
Interaction Designer, Blink UX

Brian O’Shea is an interaction designer at BlinkUX where he does design and research work for clients such as MasterCard, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Microsoft, and Moen. Prior to joining BlinkUX, Brian spent more than a decade in product management roles at both startups and enterprise B2B organizations. He has also led content and technical teams at Veer and Corbis, in addition to co-founding a startup focused on real-time collaboration on construction sites. Brian brings a broad skill set to his work as a UX and interaction designer, including product management, geographic analysis, photography, and video editing.

Alex Ohannessian

Alex Ohannessian is a senior art director at Publicis Seattle. Born in Uruguay (yes, slightly obsessed with soccer), he lived in Montevideo, Miami, and New York, before moving to Seattle with his wife and their 80-pound Weimaraner. Along the way, he’s worked and freelanced at SapientNitro, DDB Miami, BBDO Proximity and BBH NY creating award-winning work for clients such as Coca-Cola, Powerade, McDonald’s, Visa and State Farm. Alex taught at Miami Ad School’s Miami and New York campuses for five-plus years and he lectured at New York University. A guitar player and bad singer, Alex loves writing as much as he loves concepting, designing and art-directing.

Keegan Onefoot-Wenkman

Keegan Onefoot-Wenkman is an illustrator, letterpress printer and designer living and working in Portland, Oregon. He produces hand-carved limited edition posters and artwork for national and local musicians. He has taught workshops at Em-Space Book Art Center, Radius Studios, Oregon College of Art & Craft and the Independent Publishing Resource Center. His artwork has been exhibited internationally and has been published by Novum, Gestalten and Communication Arts.

Jen Orth
Design Director, Freelance
Jen Orth

Jen's drive and passion for design is rooted in storytelling and fueled by creating veracious and long-lasting brand impressions. As Design Director at Hornall Anderson for the last 3+ years, she helped guide her teams toward creative solutions that are steeped in strategic thinking.

She comes hard-wired with that good 'ol Prostestant work ethic and says relocating to the PNW feels a little like she's a workaholic in recovery. But her endless quest of solving clients' challenges by the most creative means possible literally keeps her up at night, and that will never change.

The last 15 years have awarded Jen the good fortune of nosing around brands like IBM, Target, Nike, Converse, Harley-Davidson, University of Chicago, University of Toronto and Microsoft, to name a few.

Michael Ortlieb
Lead UX/UI Designer, Aeris Communications
Michael Ortlieb

Michael Ortlieb is the creative-at-large at mo:create, a Seattle-based firm dedicated to designing and building beautiful, responsive experiences for desktop, mobile and tablet. Most recently, he served as senior advertising designer at Amazon subsidiary, the Internet Movie Database, where he worked with agencies, movie and television studios to craft advertising solutions on the world's largest entertainment website via HTML, CSS and Flash.

Michael has enjoyed teaching classes at SVC since 2008, and formerly taught Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and other programs at North Seattle Community College.

Shogo Ota
Shogo Ota

Although Shogo hails from Japan, he has called the Pacific Northwest home for more than a decade. Shogo graduated with a BFA from the University of Idaho, which landed him an internship at Modern Dog, located in the caffeinated city of Seattle, Washington.

For over 5 years, Shogo whittled away ideas in over 5 sketchbooks, helping Modern Dog with clients such as Seattle Aquarium, Blue Q, Live Nation, and Chronicle books, to name a few. His faith in the sketchbook was also responsible for securing him a spot in the grandly titled: Graphic:Inside the Sketchbooks of the World's Great Graphic Designers, authored by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. His work has also been featured in Communication Arts, The Stranger, The New York Times and various other publications.

​Shogo Ota established Tireman Studio in 2012 with the help of his wife, his cat, his dog, his bunny, and a guy named Peter Shin.

Cindy Pain
VP, Senior Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison
Cindy Pain

Cindy Pain is a career management consultant with Lee Hecht Harrison, regarded by many as the most distinguished career-planning firm in the world, with 260 offices around the globe. Understandably, she’s become an expert in resume writing, networking, interviewing, negotiating offers, and helping entrepreneurs bring their business to market. What also happened along the way is she turned into an advocate and evangelist for ways to powerfully use LinkedIn to help her clients achieve success.

Sung Park
Product Manager, Muse, Adobe
Sung Park

Sung Park is a Product Manager for Adobe Muse. Before joining Adobe, he worked on and other startups where the focus was around building design tools for designers who didn't want to code. He also worked as a designer for 17+ years working on product design for companies such as Microsoft, Target, AT&T as well as various startups and non-profits.

He strongly believes in the importance of visual communication, user experience and usability. He applies these passions in all the various ventures and projects he pursues.

Justin Parra
Senior Interactive Producer, PRR

Justin Parra is the Senior Interactive Producer at PRR. Specializing in producing interactive projects including websites, mobile apps, and web apps for clients nationally. He uses his 11 years of experience in web development to guide clients in the right direction and break down geek speak into plain English. He has been working with WordPress since 2006, Version 2.0.3.

Cole Parsons
Cole Parsons

Cole Parsons was a left-handed pitcher for the Santa Clara University Broncos. After graduation, he joined the Seattle Mariners marketing department. He then moved to Boston as marketing director of the NHL’s Bruins. (The team won a Stanley Cup for him; he has a ring to prove it.) Cole returned to Seattle in 2011 joining Copacino+Fujikado as account supervisor, managing the Seattle Mariners and Washington State University Athletics accounts.

Sheila Paschall
Senior UX Researcher, Nordstrom

Sheila Paschall is a senior UX researcher at Nordstrom, where she brings 10 years of experience as an expert information sleuth. Before joining Nordstrom in 2015, Sheila was a usability and user researcher for CompuCom, where she worked on projects for Skype, Microsoft Surface, JPMorgan Chase, and Microsoft AppEx. Going even further back into Sheila’s past, she served as an application specialist, IT support specialist, and production supervisor for Quorum Review, a pharmaceuticals research firm. She has an MS from the University of Washington in Information Management, as well as a certificate in User-Centered Design from UW’s HCDE department. And here’s a fun fact: The woman can bake up a storm.

Lori Peck
Designer/Instructor, Lori Peck/Design Art Direction and S
Lori Peck

Lori Peck is a senior art director at C+C in Seattle. Before moving West, she worked in New York City for over a decade at agencies such as Bozell, Cossette and Bouchez Kent. Lori has a Super Bowl spot to her credit as well as the much-acclaimed Bank of America Olympics campaign and one of Times Square’s most popular billboards for The New York Rangers hockey team. She’s worked in all media, traveled from Hong Kong to New Zealand for photo and film shoots, and she's tamed the legendary director Tony Kaye (of “American History X” fame). Lori will teach you how to come up with great ideas in any media, bring in a host of guest speakers and share war stories about getting great work out of accounts such as Carlsberg Beer, McGraw-Hill,, Madison Square Garden, The US Coast Guard and Yahoo!Hotjobs.

Igor Peev

Igor Peev is a Sr Program Manager on the Excel team. He loves exploring data and looking for insights using visual tools. He has written a number of articles on on and has published several videos on youtube on topics ranging from average precipitation in the US to the Soccer World Cup. Igor has worked on mobile apps and other phone related experiences. In his spare time Igor likes to surf and spend time outdoors.

Luis Perez
Senior Product Designer, Prep Sportswear

Luis Perez is a senior product designer for Prep Sportswear, a company that provides custom apparel to sports teams and their fans. Before coming on board, Luis was a senior visual designer at Alaska Airlines for nearly five years, a multimedia designer for Fluke Biomedical, and advertising designer at Creative Loafing, a network of alternative weekly urban newspapers. He recently won an in-house design award from Graphic Design USA for his art direction work on

Devon Persing
Accessibility Consultant, Level Access
Devon Persing

Devon Persing is an accessibility consultant for Level Access. She has more than 15 years of experience working as an information architect, accessibility analyst, front-end developer, and user experience designer. Devon has an MS in Information from the University of Michigan, and in a past life, was a librarian, writer, and amusement park employee.

Josh Peters
Experience Designer, Slalom Consulting

Josh Peters is an experience design consultant for Slalom Consulting, where he is part of a cross market (XM) team that collaborates with clients to architect and deliver innovative digital experiences. Before joining Slalom, he worked as a contract UX/UI designer for more than 10 years with stops at Microsoft, Amazon and other companies large and small. In his downtime, he’s an aspiring drummer who really needs to work on his stick twirling skills.

Mike Peterson
Writer, Self
Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson is a copywriter and occasional creative director, artist, illustrator, novelist, polymath, and layabout. Over an interminably long career, he's worked for ad agencies large (Publicis) and small (Big Bang), famous (Chiat LA) and infamous (FCB), with good clients (Group Health) and with very, very bad ones (Nissan). He's named products, launched companies, and produced just about every type of advertising. Once named "Worst Person in the World" by Keith Olbermann, Mike is paying off his debt to society as a freelance copywriter in the wooly hills of Olympia.

Selina Petosa
Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Rational Interaction

Selina Petosa is the founding principal and chief creative officer of Rational Interaction, a full-service integrated digital agency founded in 2009. Selina has helped build Rational into one of the fastest growing marketing services companies in the Pacific Northwest, with more than 100 team members and a stellar client list, including Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, McKinsey, Google, AT&T, Sony, and Symantec. Rational has been the recipient of numerous awards including Inc’s Fastest-Growing Companies, Puget Sound Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies and Best Places to Work in Washington, and Seattle Business Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For.

Torrey Podmajersky
Head of Content Strategy, OfferUp

Torrey Podmajersky is the content strategist at OfferUp, a position she took recently after writing for inclusive, accessible consumer experiences at Microsoft for Xbox, Windows apps, privacy, and Microsoft account related experiences. Torrey's background is varied to say the least. She has a Bachelor's degree in Physics from UW, a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from Seattle University, and has done freelance fiction writing, home health care work, foster parenting, high-power rocketry, and marketing communications work. This incredible range of experience helps her empathize with a broad range of web and app users.

Ryan Polich
Design Director, Lucia|Marquand

Ryan Polich is a design director at Lucia | Marquand, a firm specializing in the design and production of books for museums, artists, creative professionals, and collectors. As design director, Ryan brings his thoughtful eye for composition and typography to create extraordinary special editions and coffee table books. But there is another side to Ryan’s artistry, expressed through hand lettering and custom typography. His lettering is inspired by everything from Victorian-era wood type to hand-lettered ads and packaging from the mid-20th century. Thinking back on how he got started down his career path Ryan says, “When I figured out that graphic design was the place where visual imagery meshed with written words, I was in.”

Brett Polonsky
Director UX/UI, CBRE

Jayson Potter
Entrepreneur, Freelance

Jayson Potter, web developer extraordinaire, has been into all things World Wide Web since 1996, when CSS became a thing. He has created professional front-end solutions since the early 2000s. His journey has taken him from change requests for car dealership websites, designing and developing responsive web applications, teaching, UI for console and PC games, to so much more. Companies and clients he has provided solutions for include the Cobalt Group (now CDK Global), Ascentium, Catalysis, POP, Nintendo, Microsoft, Steppenwolf, Starbucks, and Motiga. Finally he is the sole proprietor of ID1 Clothing where he explores product design and manufacturing.

Joanne Price

Joanne Price has over 25 years of printmaking experience including teaching at University of KY, Augsburg College, University of MN, and Penland School of Crafts. Price is the founder and owner of Starpointe Studio, specializing in printmaking and book arts, is the President of the Wood Engravers’ Network, as well as an elected member of the Society of Wood Engravers. In addition to participating in national and international exhibitions, Price was a recent recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women and has been an artist-in-residence at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and the Western NY Book Arts Center. Her work is included in the collections of the Guangdong Museum of Art, China; Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, Two Rivers, WI; Yale University, New Haven, CT; University of Colorado, Boulder, CO; University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN and many more public and private collections.

Thomas Prowell
Associate Creative Director, AMP Agency

Thomas Prowell is the associate creative director of AMP Agency. But let’s look back 25 years ago, where Thomas was exactly where you are now: looking at an SVC class description and wondering if it would help his career. (Note: that description was in a printed direct mail piece, because there was no Internet.) The class did help. Thomas got a job as a junior copywriter. Between writing print ads, he started getting odd projects for a new thing called a “browser.” Fast forward – while the advertising landscape has completely changed, the secrets to good creative work still apply. Thomas has been applying those secrets to brands like Starbucks, Tommy Bahama, Amazon, and Southwest Airlines; now he will pass them along to you.

Wendy Quesinberry
Principal, Quesinberry & Associates

Wendy Quesinberry is the owner Quesinberry and Associates, a design firm she founded 17 years ago, after graduating with a BFA in graphic design from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has served as president of AIGA Seattle, and was executive director of The Seattle Show. She’s worked for clients across the spectrum, including Amazon, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Holland America Line, Kimpton Hotels, and Microsoft. Wendy strongly recommends that you watch the director’s cut of Terry Gilliam’s film, Brazil.

Mary Rauzi
Founder/Creative, Embr Creative

Mary Rauzi is the founder of Embr Creative. From the time the 7th grade rolled around, Mary knew working in the art profession would be her goal. Upon receiving her BFA at the Academy of Art University, the drive only got stronger to create great design for brands far and wide. 
After working at some of the top brand marketing and advertising agencies across the country, she opened Embr in 2018, With a focus on building lifestyle brands across every market, Embr incorporates traditional identity design, digital design, social, brand management, packaging and illustration to help launch brands to the world.

Anne Raynor
Art Director, Nelly White
Anne Raynor

Anne Raynor is a visual designer for Skype and the owner of the design studio, Nelly White. Her first few years in the business — which included a stint as interactive art director for the digital agency, POP — have given her the opportunity to work with clients such HP, X-Box, Microsoft, Nike, Sports Illustrated, Zagat, Chrysler, and CenturyLink. After many all-nighters and X-Acto Knife injuries, she received an M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010. Prior to that, she earned a B.A. from Denison University in Studio Art with a focus in Printmaking and New Media.

Farrukh Raza
UX Designer, Amazon

Farrukh Raza is a UX designer for Amazon, where he works on the team responsible for user experience for all things customer service. Before joining Amazon, Farrukh was a senior UX designer for Expedia and a UX researcher for Getty Images. He has a BS in psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a degree from the University of Washington Human Centered Design & Engineering program. Although multi-talented and athletic, he is not Farrukh Raza, the famed Pakistani cricketer of the 1980s.

Sonya Reasor
Sonya Reasor

Sonya Reasor is your basic well-rounded, ultra-talented individual — as comfortable with a computer mouse in her hand as a fine artist's paintbrush. She is currently a graphic designer at Williams-Helde Marketing Communications and was formerly with Starbucks' Global Creative Group. Weekends and evenings you'll likely find her at her West Seattle home, sketching, gardening or just relaxing with a good book.

Amy Redmond
Art Director & Letterpress Printer; International Badass, Amy Redmond Design
Amy Redmond

A need for more hands-on creative work, an interest in type, and some good old-fashioned luck led Amy Redmond to a letterpress printing apprenticeship with Stern & Faye, Printers in the fall of '98. Over a decade later and 4 tons heavier (presses aren't light, you know), she's now helping to spread the gospel of letterpress to others. When she's not in her studio (Amada Press), Amy can be found skating about town, designing print and web materials for a variety of freelance clients.

Brock Reed
Brock Reed

Brock Reed is the Sr. Director of Creative Solutions for Xtreme Consulting. Brock is an 18 year veteran of the creative industry. He has run 2 different shops working with a long list of clients including the Seattle Storm, Field Roast, the United Nations, Redhook, and Deloitte. Brock graduated from Washington State University and joined Starbucks as a concept specialist in store development. He loves brand, storytelling and helping entrepreneurs.

Melissa Reeder
UX Designer II, Amazon

Melissa Reeder is a UX designer II at Amazon, focused on improving customer service experiences and internal tool design. Prior to Amazon, Melissa designed in the world of travel. Her work spanned conducting research interviews to creating interactive site wireframes at a small luxury travel company to prototyping checkout experiences at Expedia.

Before earning her master’s degree from the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design and Engineering program and joining the UX community, Melissa was an electrical engineer at Whirlpool. It was there she saw the strong connection between engineering and design. That’s when she decided to switch careers into UX design and has loved it ever since.

Thabby Regiani
Graphic Designer, Distant Lands Coffee

Thabby Regiani is a freelance designer and the Alliance Director for the Seattle chapter of AIGA. Originally from Brazil, Thabby earned a degree from Universidade de São Paulo in architecture and urbanism, and then a second degree in graphic design from Boise State University. She joined REI as a visual team specialist in 2010, but now serves her own clients as a cross-cultural graphic designer and illustrator.

Elena Reitman
Product Designer & Writer, Starbucks

Elena Reitman is a product designer and writer at Starbucks. Before she landed on the Starbucks dream team, she was a UX writer at Nordstrom and a writer at POSSIBLE. She’s written for screen sizes of all shapes and functions, including app and web experiences, creative campaigns and products — for clients ranging from Microsoft to neighborhood yoga studios. Elena is rooting for a future where our digital experiences are equal parts voice, typography, color and motion.

Jules Remedios Faye
Jules Remedios Faye

Jules Remedios Faye is the proprietrix of Stern & Faye Printers, a letterpress printery and hand-bindery in Mt Vernon, Washington. Her fine-press and artists books are held by several private collectors and special collections libraries around the country. As adjunct faculty of the design department of Western Washington University, and former Book Arts faculty at Cornish College of the Arts, Jules mentors students and interns in hand-bookbinding, book design, and relief printing. Her life-long love of books, literature, printmaking, cantankerous antique machines, well-worn hand tools & all manner of letter-forms is what drew her to the Black Arts where she continues to be a disciple of the wonders of ink on paper.

Fiona Remley
VP, PMO, Rational Interactive

Fiona is the Vice President of Program Management Operations at Rational Interaction, a strategy driven, full service digital studio, where she manages a team of business directors, program managers, project managers and project coordinators. Rational's client portfolio Rational. is intentionally diverse and includes everything from Fortune 100 companies, not-for-profit organizations, to start-up companies.

Rebecca Richards-Diop
Design Director, Freelance
Rebecca Richards-Diop

Rebecca has spent the past 15 years generating creative solutions for clients including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Tacoma Art Museum, Weyerhaeuser, and others, producing everything from brands to packaging, to retail environments and websites.

Having worked in a vast array of roles and environments — including agency design director, client-side designer, entrepreneur and co-founder of her own non-profit — she understands the big picture and utilizes this perspective to generate great creative.

When not building brands or pushing pixels, you might find Rebecca grooving (and laughing) in an African dance class, making stuff just for the fun of it, or playing "Mom" to her two young boys.

Nikki Roberg
Senior User Experience Designer, Self -Employed

Nikki Roberg is an independent senior UX designer and UX coach, having previously served as a senior user experience architect for and lead experience architect for EffectiveUI. Nikki’s life before that (at least for 3½ years) involved holding down several positions at the digital agency, POP, where she was an information architect, senior user experience architect, and an experience lead. Going even further back, her first technology job was in 1998 when she worked as webmaster for a small nonprofit organization. While her art history degree may be of questionable value as a UX expert, Nikki also earned a master of science in information science, information architecture from Indiana University in Bloomington. Reaping the rewards of her enlarged brain are companies such as Amazon, Boeing, ESPN, HBO and Target.

Lori Rock
Partner, Evolution at Work

Lori Rock is a partner at Evolution at Work, a facilitator of workshops and retreats to help individuals move in the direction of doing purposeful work. She is also a partner in, which does similar work for companies and organizations seeking a stronger sense of purpose. The consummate multi-tasker, Lori is also the founder and strategist at BigIdeaZoo, her business devoted to data visualization, visual meeting recording, and infographics. With a master’s degree in whole systems design, Lori has been designing individual and group strategy sessions, workshops and organizational change processes in global corporations, educational institutions and nonprofit organization for more than 20 years.

Brian Rowe

Brian Rowe is a professor and techie working at Northwest Justice Project, managing the National Technology Assistance Project and teaching at the University of Washington and Seattle University. He is also a former Chairman of the Board for Washington Lawyers for the Arts. Brian teaches as an adjunct in the areas of Privacy law, Ethics, Copyright and Information Policy. He holds a B.S. in Informatics and a B.A. in Political Science, both from the University of Washington and a J.D. from Seattle University.

Clint Rule

Clint is an Associate Creative Director at TEAGUE where he works with clients on solutions that span digital and physical implementation. Prior to TEAGUE, he worked as an interaction designer at frog where he specialized on digital products and services for complex contexts. Clint has a masters degree in interaction design from Savannah College of Art & Design and a bachelors in Broadcast & Mass Media. Clint is deeply familiar with design processes and has broad experience with prototyping methods and tools.

Greg Russell

Greg Russell is a senior interactive developer for POP, where he brings more than six years’ experience to the job. Over the years his work has appeared on sites for Intel, Microsoft, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Xbox and many more. He is proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress and other. He has a love of Linux, Open Source software, and Ohio State University.

Andi Rusu
Creative Director, Fell Swoop

Andi is one of the last remaining Renaissance men on the planet. He can design, code, architect information, illustrate, write, speak Romanian, father beautiful children, win awards, and (most important) teach so it sticks. By day, he’s creative director at the digital agency, Fell Swoop, having joined them from stints at If/Then (where he was a founding partner) and POSSIBLE (then ZAAZ), and stintettes at Deloitte Digital and Microsoft. Over the years, he’s done digital design for HBO, Red Bull, EMP, National Geographic, Slacker, Starbucks, K2 Snowboards, and Xbox. He’s taught typography, interactive design, and motion graphics at both SVC and Cornish College of the Arts for more than 10 years.

Rob Salkowitz
Consultant, RS Associates, Inc.

Rob Salkowitz is a Seattle-based writer, speaker, marketing leader and educator focused on the future of media. He is a founding partner of MediaPlant, a digital communication and marketing agency whose clients include Microsoft, Herman Miller, Maveron, HTC, and others with needs for strategic, content, design and technical services. He is author of four books; a keynote speaker at events worldwide; coach for startups and entrepreneurs, and an expert on comics and the business of pop culture. Rob serves on the faculty of the Communication Leadership graduate program at the University of Washington, where he teaches courses on visual narrative, the future of marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Jenny Sapora
Proprietor, True Bug Press
Jenny Sapora

Jenny Sapora is the proprietor of True Bug Press, where she’s been producing small fine press editions over the past 25 years as editor, illustrator, designer, printer, and binder. Jenny’s fine press work has been honored with the NW Bookfest Up-and-Coming Book Artist Award and she has received an Artist’s Book Production Grant from the Women’s Studio Workshop and a Philip Hofer Commission for Printing. She holds an MA in design from the University of Iowa and an MFA in book arts from the University of Alabama.

Tom Satwicz
User Research, Blink UX
Tom Satwicz

Tom has 14 years of experience researching interaction and technology use in homes, schools, workplaces, and beyond. Currently he is a senior member of the research team at Blink UX. Tom’s research experience spans understanding how people use consumer devices, websites, and apps to the usability of server software. In 2006, he graduated from the Ph.D. program in Learning Sciences at the University of Washington. There he conducted ethnographic studies of how young people learn to use digital media and how technology is integrated into educational settings.

Gino Scarpino
Senior Product and Motion Designer, Microsoft Education

Gino Scarpino was most recently a senior product and motion designer for Microsoft Education. But that wasn’t his first Microsoft rodeo. In 2013, he joined the Office team as a motion designer and video producer, before signing on with the Xbox Design Studio as a motion designer. Gino started his career in the media world as a sound designer for videos and live theater productions, including the New York Shakespeare Festival and The Public Theater in New York City. Gino can make magic with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, and Cinema 4D, which he does when not eating sushi.

Elly Searle
Head of Content Strategy, CrowdStrike

Elly Searle is head of content strategy at CrowdStrike, a company she joined after rising through the ranks at Nordstrom to Principal UX Writer. Elly is passionate about creating experiences that make users' lives better, and she's done a little of everything, including technical support, technical writing, user research, and interaction design, and UX writing. She received her Masters from UW's Human-Centered Design & Engineering program, and performed internships at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, and Entity Green Training in Amman. Her time at CrowdStrike, Microsoft, and Nordstrom has involved solving a wide range of problems, from desktop to mobile, productivity apps to e-commerce, and power users to consumers. In her free time, she likes to run up and down mountains.

Josh Sera
Josh Sera

Josh Sera is a Senior Web Developer at Disney, and for over 12 years he's worked on everything from educational software, to Flash games, to mobile apps and websites for clients like MSNBC, Nickelodeon and local favorites Sounders FC. He continues to be amazed at the power of the pocket-sized computers we all carry around, and can't wait to see what the next few years will bring.

Chris Sewell
SVP, Creative Director, Weber Shandwick

Chris Sewell is a creative director and writer who has created all kinds of videos, animations, feature stories, TV/print/radio ads, brand narratives, taglines, and more. He’s currently the creative director at Weber Shandwick, where he oversees content creation and leads a team of writers, designers, and videographers.

Chris began his career as a journalist in Chicago. Following this, he wrote scripts and directed award-winning multimedia programs for a healthcare startup. He has also produced a handful of audio documentaries that have appeared on public radio stations around the country.

Chris has a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Roy Sharples
Creative Director, Microsoft

Roy Sharples is Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Microsoft. An entrepreneurial leader with a passion for instigating market-making change, Roy has a knack for dreaming up, building, and delivering innovative business solutions. Since 2007, he’s held a wide range of marketing, business development, and consulting leadership positions for Microsoft in global, North American and European markets. Prior to joining Microsoft, Roy held a range of leadership, consulting, product development, interaction design and software development positions at Deloitte Digital, Ford and Logica. Even early, while Roy was still in college, his entrepreneurial streak began when he started his own record label.

Melissa Shaw
co-CEO, Shaw + Scott

Melissa Shaw is the co-CEO of Shaw + Scott a digital marketing agency based in Seattle. Melissa is an accomplished multichannel digital strategist who has specialized in email marketing since the field’s inception over fifteen years ago. She has developed and optimized marketing programs for top brands including Alaska Airlines, BMW, Virgin Airlines, Costco, Wells Fargo, Chanel, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Before co-founding Shaw + Scott, Melissa served as Director of Strategic Services for Oracle Responsys.

Juliet Shen
Principal, Shen Design
Juliet Shen

Juliet Shen has taught typography at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle since 1999, with a year off to get a masters degree in typeface design at the University of Reading, UK. She ran an independent design firm in Seattle from 1989 to 2012 and concentrates today on font design and fine arts. Juliet was the program director of the two Type Americana conferences in Seattle and was a board member for five years of SOTA, the producer of TypeCon, where she chaired the Education Forum committee.

She writes about type and is the author of a book about the designs of Morris Fuller Benton. Her typeface Bullen is available from Font Bureau, and she has designed custom fonts for Oxford University Press and The Tulalip Tribes, and latin companions for Mamoun Sakkal's Arabic typefaces, Awan and Zaman. Her typeface for Lushootseed, a critically endangered indigenous language of the Puget Sound area, has been featured in Glimpse Journal. Her fine art incorporates printmaking, type and drawing, and is represented by Cullom Gallery.

Jim Sherraden
Jim Sherraden

Jim Sherraden has been creating original artwork based on Hatch Show Print's shop archives since 1992. A Kansas native and Nashville resident since 1977, Sherraden joined forces with Hatch in 1984. Sherraden helped revive the store's past success by concentrating on its poster production and revisiting the imaginative method of letterpress printing.

Jim Sherraden is chief designer at Hatch Show Print and curator of American Letterpress: The Art of Hatch Show Print, an exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) and the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum. He is also the co-author of Hatch Show Print: The History of a Great American Poster Shop.

Karly Siroky
Founder, Karma

Founder of Karma, a creative basecamp, brand strategy and visual design studio, Karly believes that good goes around. She and her team guide and support nonprofits, small businesses and altruistic organizations that place people and planet over profit. Formerly with Starbucks Creative Studio, Karly traded a life of coffee and cubicles for Winnebagos and wilderness, and has been living and working nomadically since 2013. She and her 1988 motorhome have traversed over 17,000 miles across the American West.
She also serves as design advisor for Lucia Journal, an independent women's magazine and grant recipient of the Seattle Design Foundation.

Larry Sisson Jr.
Principal, Eight Arms, Inc.

Larry Sisson is the principal of Eight Arms, an interaction design and communications consulting firm. A veteran practitioner and director of digital strategy and experience design initiatives, Larry has done extensive work in both the agency and in-house worlds, for companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Hawaiian Airlines, REI, and T-Mobile, plus some very cool startups. He’s managed information architects, site managers, usability engineers, writers, editors, and UI designers, and currently provides UX consulting services to some of the area’s most advanced marketing-communications concerns. Larry is also an unabashed Beatles fan, and holds a Ph.D. in English literature, of all things.

Beverly Slabosky
Usability and Design Program Lead, City of Seattle

Beverly Slabosky is a usability and design program lead at the City of Seattle where she is establishing a usability program and leading a design team. She previously worked as a design manager at Capital One Investing where she led design work for an online trading platform. She enjoys drawing on many methods to solve problems, including design thinking and service design. Beverly began her UX career by receiving her Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree in 2004. Beverly grew within the user experience field from a taxonomist to information architect and UX designer. She has worked with many organizations, including Premera Blue Cross, University of Washington, and Microsoft.

Trisha Smith
Web Development Engineer, Amazon
Trisha Smith

Trisha Smith is in the midst of her return to Amazon where she first worked in 2014 as a web development engineer — exactly what she’s doing there again. Before returning to the Amazon fold, Trisha was an email and web development manager for Oracle (aka, Responsys; aka, Smith & Harmon), where she managed a team of developers who created complex emails for a host of national clients, including Nordstrom, Verizon, Safeway, REI and See’s Candies. She first joined Oracle in 2010 as a coder who built HTML files using a combination of nested table structures and inline CSS. Fun!

Michael Smith
Senior Interaction Designer, frog
Michael Smith

Michael is a Senior Interaction Designer at frog in Seattle. His career started with a small startup in 2000 and he has since worked both in-house and as a consultant with duties ranging from front-end web development to metadata and content architecture to design researcher. Currently, his design interests are around transportation, government, and the philosophy of design. Michael has a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington Information School. His clients have included the United State Environmental Protection Agency, T-Mobile USA, Microsoft, REI, and Amtrak.

Dana Smitham
Dana Smitham

Dana Smitham is an Associate Creative Director at Rauxa Marketing Agency. Before that, he was an art director for Oracle Marketing Cloud based in Seattle dedicated to designing and strategizing email experiences for desktop, tablet and responsive. Clients have included Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks Corporate. His design background includes all aspects of corporate design, including UX and UI design, Web design, Video production. Dana received a AAA of Multi Media and Web Design from the Art Institute of Seattle.

Jessica Speigel
Visual / Interaction Designer, ZAAZ
Jessica Speigel

Jessica Speigel designs highly interactive, memorable experiences in the digital space. With over 10 years experience in the design of digital experiences, Jessica was uniquely prepared for the explosion in mobile design by her background in software design and interdisciplinary education in design studies and interaction design. Jessica’s passion is designing experiences that meet users where they are, physically and mentally, leveraging the interactivity and “in the moment” nature unique to mobile devices to create highly engaging and useful experiences. Clients include Microsoft, The University of Washington, The Experience Music Project's Science Fiction Museum, Fortune Magazine, Norton, and Group Health Cooperative.

James Spence
VP of Product, Bonanza
James Spence

James is a UX Director with 10 years of design experience. As a designer and creative director, James led teams to produce engaging lifecycle marketing campaigns for national brands. James has experience in visual design, user experience designate, and retail marketing strategy. Outside of work, James enjoys the outdoors, dogs, and sports.

Wexley School for Girls Staff
Wexley School for Girls Staff

What does Wexley do? In the true sense of the word "advertising" they can act like an ad agency. That said, Wexley believes everything is advertising: traditional media, design, packaging, PR, video games, short films, even squirrel races.

You buying it? Microsoft, the Seattle Sounders, Corbis, T-Mobile, and Nike all did.

You can read all about 'em in this recent article from Inc. Magazine.

Turnstyle Staff
Turnstyle Staff

While we can't toss out a specific name for you, rest assured you will be well treated by one or more of the brilliant designers at Turnstyle. And who might they be? Well, it's fair to say they are Seattle's most up-and-coming design firms, with a load of awards and an impressive array of clients. Such as? DRY Soda, Nordstrom, Teague, Jaipur Avenue Teas, Vulcan, and Swedish Medical Center.


Back in 1998, a digital agency opened in Seattle with a funny name. ZAAZ was literally defined as “something new.” Fourteen years later, they are still innovating—and now they’re on a brand new adventure. Today they are POSSIBLE. And with the combined strength of 32 offices in 17 countries, they are a global creative force to be reckoned with. To prove that, here's a partial list of awards they've won over the years: Emmys, BDAs, ISDAs, and even a Peabody (and let's not forget those ADDYs, CLIOs and Lions). ZAAZ /POSSIBLE has handled digital projects for Google, Sony, Ford, Nokia, and Microsoft.

Chris Stauch

As a member of Deloitte Digital Chris brings 17 years of experience in developing brands and businesses. His depth of skills and expertise range across a wide array of brands including BMW, XBOX, Nike, MTV, The NFL, GE, Kohler, Microsoft, Dell, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, LG and AT&T.

At Deloitte Digital, Chris is a national experience design leader heading the Seattle Studio User Experience, Visual Design and Front End Development teams. Prior to joining Deloitte Digital, Chris held leadership positions at Publicis, Organic, Frog Design, Schematic, and Ubi Soft Entertainment. Chris hold a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University and a MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design.

When away from pixels, Chris is a father and husband who enjoys racing in triathlons, mountain biking, esoteric board games, diving, snowboarding, fly fishing, hiking and generally anything outdoors away from a screen.

Andy Stewart
Senior Designer, Urban Influence

Andy Stewart is a multidisciplinary designer, art director, and illustrator. He currently works as a senior designer at Urban Influence. He’s worked with companies large and small — from burgeoning startups like Glowforge and Luvo, to established Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Coke. He’s also worked on behalf of cultural institutions, such as the Burke Museum and KEXP, building everything from brand identities and websites to exhibits and installations. He holds a duel B.A. in English and communication studies from Furman University, as well as a graduate degree in design from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. In his spare time, Andy enjoys slinging ink around various screen printing and letterpress studios around Seattle.

James Stipes
Graphiti Associates, Senior Designer

Graphiti Associates' James Stipes will moderate, asking questions on your behalf and directing the Q&A session. James is fresh off the job-hunting trail himself, having landed his current position as senior designer at Graphiti just this June. He joined Graphiti after four years at Tether, and design stints at Decibel Festival, Starbucks, and Creature. James is a graduate of Western Washington University, where he earned his BA in Design and Graphic Design Production.

Emily Stoll
Principal User Experience Lead, Expedia

Emily Stoll is the principal user experience lead for the global design team at Expedia, Inc. where she manages a team of UX and design professionals. She joined Expedia from REI where she was manager of digital design, leading the creation of the digital expressions for the wildly successful #OptOutside campaign. Before REI, Emily was a creative director at the digital agency, POSSIBLE, and a UX designer at Microsoft. Over the years she’s worked on other top brands, including AT&T, NBC Universal, CNN, Alaska Airlines, and Amazon.

Jenn Stoner
Jenn Stoner

Jenn Stoner started her advertising career pretty much in your shoes. Her first steps were to get a book together, which she did at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. From there, this small-town Ohio girl has seen the world, working in creative agencies around the globe including Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in S.F., David & Goliath in L.A., TBWA/Chiat LA, Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, and DDB Berlin. Her brand experience includes more clients than she can count, but most notably she’s worked on behalf of Nike Women, Reebok global, Visa global, Cazadores Tequila, Mars Foods and Wonderful Pistachios. While well versed in traditional advertising, Jenn is passionate about working with brands' digital, social and mobile platforms to help further their consumer relationships. She is currently consulting at Starbucks Global Digital, as well as several ad agencies. She also has several other full-time jobs where she works (and plays) as a wife, mom, scuba diver, tennis player, entrepreneur, and Ohio State Buckeye fan (sorry, Ducks fans).

Royal Stuart

Royal Stuart is an account director at Digital Kitchen. He’s been managing client relationships for most of the last two decades. First as a designer, tasked with turning client desire into reality, honing his ability to present those ideas under pressure. And then as an account director, listening intently to both his clients’ needs and his design teams’ ideas, ensuring everyone is heard equally. Royal has a BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Oklahoma, and a Certificate in User Centered Design from UW. He has worked for a wide array of clients, from Accenture to Qualcomm, BNSF to Tableau. Outside work, he enjoys writing and critiquing music for a handful of local blogs, and striving to see the world through his seven-year-old’s eyes.

Lucas Svaren
Graphic Designer, Hey,
Lucas Svaren

Lucas Svaren is a graphic designer at Hey, Advertising in Seattle. He has a background in graphic design, illustration, and photography, and enjoys the vast capabilities of Photoshop both for work and fun. Lucas’ work ranges from magazine ads, packaging and mobile apps to billboards and building wraps. Before making his way to Seattle, Lucas worked at Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Boulder, and Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco. His impressive list of clients includes Pepsi, Audi, Zynga & Adidas. He studied design at Miami Ad School and WSU and now brings his chops to SVC.

Paul Thackray
Senior UX Designer, Microsoft

Paul Thackray is a senior UX designer at Microsoft, where he's holding down an enviable position on the AI + Research team, envisioning future product experiences. Paul has handled a variety of other UX projects at Microsoft, including work for Bing and Cortana, as well as the Health Solutions Group. Before heading out to Redmond, he was a UX lead at Ramp Group, an interactive agency, and an art director at Adhesive Media. Paul first studied visual communications at Western Washington University, and put the icing on his cake at none other than the School of Visual Concepts.

Nicholas Thiel
, Starbucks Global Creative
Nicholas Thiel

After three years as a design director at Hornall Anderson Design Works, Nick Thiel is now part of Starbucks Global Creative. He has more than a decade of experience working on the whole nine yards: websites, mobile apps, social media, and the strategy-setting that drives every successful project.

Before Hornall Anderson, Nick was a senior designer, and then art director for POP where he was the lead creative for the Target account. Along with Target, he's designed or supervised work for Nike, Xbox, AT&T, Amazon, and -- wouldn't you know it -- Starbucks.

Scott Thiessen
Senior Developer, Belle & Wissell, Co.
Scott Thiessen

Scott Thiessen is senior developer at Belle & Wissell, Co., a design studio that creates interactive media experiences for museums and public spaces. Scott has been making things with code since the age of 10, and has more recently worked on projects for The Art Institute of Chicago, SFMOMA, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Public Library, Space Needle, and MOHAI. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the International Design Communication Awards, the Society for Experiential Graphic Design Awards, the FWA, and the Webby Awards.

With a background in graphic design, Scott takes especial joy in demystifying coding to designers and revealing the creativity, magic, and beauty possible through code.

Christopher Thomas
UX & Design Team Lead, Whitepages

Christopher Thomas is UX and Design Team lead for Whitepages, Seattle-based providers of digital identify verification. He joined Whitepages in 2015 after nearly three years at Ritani as a UX design lead for this online merchant of high-end jewelry. Christopher has also held UX and web designer roles at Bonanza, an online marketplace. He’s a Purdue graduate, a musician, a cat-haver, and a firm believer that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Sean Thompson
UI Developer, Tagboard

Sean Thompson started in software and web development in Hollywood, working on digital projects for large studios like 20th Century Fox, Warners Bros., Universal, and HBO. He moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2011, where he’s handled projects for Microsoft, Teague and RootMetrics. Sean is a currently UI developer at Tagboard, a social search and display platform, creating front-end user experiences in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. An avid traveler, Sean’s journeys have taken him as far as Vietnam and South Africa. When he’s back home, with his wife and dog in Snoqualmie, you’ll most likely find him skiing, golfing, or binge-watching Netflix.

Brian Thurston Bralczyk
Senior UX Designer, Amazon
Brian Thurston Bralczyk

Brian Thurston Bralczyk is a passionate advocate for elegant, user-centered design. As a Senior UX Designer at Amazon, his work focuses on new ideas and new ways of thinking about current products. His ultimate goal is to create awesome, personalized experiences, that provide just what the user needs on any device.

Laura Trutna
Laura Trutna

Laura graduated from Whitman College in 2008 with a B.A. in English. Shortly thereafter, she worked as a curriculum coordinator for the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County before moving back to Walla Walla in 2010 to pursue grant writing for Camp Fire USA. In 2012, she returned to Seattle to accept a position as a copywriter for the daily deals site Zulily where she spent 6 months honing her marketing and strategic writing skills. Blessedly, she was offered a job as a creative writer for Project Bionic in the spring of 2013, where she has been ever since. Today, she uses her experience in a wide range of writing styles and media to craft original, engaging content and strategic social campaigns for clients including DRY Soda, Smith Brothers Farms, Glutenfreeda Foods, Ellington Handbags and many more.

Matt Turpin
Senior User Experience Designer, Fell Swoop
Matt Turpin

Matt is a product designer at Facebook where he works on the Atlas product team. Atlas is a digital ad server and measurement platform for marketers and agencies, providing one place to manage, deliver, measure, and optimize digital campaigns. Before joining Facebook, Matt worked as a user experience designer at Fell Swoop and Ascentium where he designed websites, applications, global campaigns, games, and retail experiences for clients such as Time Inc., Microsoft, T-Mobile, Sprint, Moving Comfort, PACCAR, Viking River Cruises, and Del Monte Foods.

Chris Tweedy
Associate Creative Director, Rational Interaction

Chris Tweedy is an associate creative director at Rational Interaction. Over the years he's been in the business (22, to be exact), Chris has been a copywriter, strategist, and creative leader for a number of agencies, including Publicis, RAPP, Campbell Ewald and others. Along the way, he's created engaging experiences for brands, including Amazon, Microsoft, USAA, HP, AT&T, McDonald's, Albertsons, Nintendo, Papa John's, and more. On his more adventuresome side, Chris entertains hobbies such as hiking, cycling, dirt biking, and raising four kids.

Wes Van Wambeke
Wes Van Wambeke

Wes Van Wambeke is design manager for Intelligent Product Solutions, a full-service product design agency with offices in New York and Seattle. He’s spent most of his career as an industrial designer and creative team leader, most recently for Precor, Black & Decker, and Porter Cable. Wes’s approach to design is to create truly great customer experiences that return tangible business results. So, while he is an advocate of developing your craft and creating solutions that are aesthetically beautiful, his passion is to practice and advocate for how good design is good business. As an example, his design work on Precor’s new commercial cardio treadmill helped land the single largest sale in the company’s history — a $25 million piece of evidence of the business power of smart design.

Surya Vanka
Principal, AUTHENTIC

Surya Vanka is the founder of AUTHENTIC, a new consultancy specializing in user experience and the design process. He was previously director of user experience at Microsoft, and has worked as a designer, educator and author at the leading edge of physical and digital experiences for more than 25 years. Surya is also the creator of the highly acclaimed Design Swarms process, a lean technique for groups to uncover possible solutions to difficult social and business problems. He has served as a tenured professor of design at the University of Illinois, been a fellow at the prestigious Center for Advanced Study, authored design books and other publications, lectured in more than 20 countries, and earned several industry awards.

Ramon Vasquez
Senior Designer, Creature
Ramon Vasquez

Born and raised on the other side of the tracks in Los Angeles, Ramon quickly grew to understand that the arts could take him to another place. With the encouragement of some fine teachers he excelled at the Pasadena Art Center. After seeing a Nike commercial, he realized that “Art” was a major force in communicating a powerful message.

A move to Seattle for love led to 7 years at the independent creative powerhouse, Creature where he worked as a hands-on creative, both managing client relationships and applying his fine arts and digital background to creating memorable campaigns. In the last two years, Ramon has brought his creative expertise to world renowned ad agency, Wongdoody! and recently rebranded the company.

Ramon’s clients have included Expedia, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Alaska Airlines, District Clothing, Seattle International Film Festival, Woodland Park Zoo, Jansport, Umpqua Bank, The Country of Venezuela

Ramon’s work has been recognized by Cannes, D&AD;, The One Show, The Art Directors Club, Type Directors Club, Graphis and Communication Arts.

Chaitra Vedullapalli
Sr. Director, Microsoft
Chaitra Vedullapalli

Chaitra Vedullapalli is the CMO of Meylah, an ecommerce marketplace hosting platform aimed at small businesses who don't have an e-commerce capability on their websites. She's also a leader of the Ignite Washington Initiative, a digital readiness project for small and mid-sized businesses. Until 2012, she was a senior director for global sales and marketing, product management for Microsoft.

Brad Vetter

A resident of Louisville, Kentucky, Brad Vetter will be making a rare appearance as a visiting instructor when he pays a visit to Seattle and SVC. A designer, artist, educator and letterpress printer, Brad began his letterpress career with the legendary show poster shop Hatch Show Print in Nashville. Throughout his eight-year tenure at Hatch, Brad printed over 500 unique gig posters for big name bands, worked with ad agencies around the world on larger scale design projects, helped teach workshops throughout the country, all while training printers at Hatch Show Print’s growing internship program. Brad left Hatch in 2012 to start his own letterpress and design studio in Louisville. Bouncing between 19th and 21st century technology and techniques, he continues to hand print rock-and-roll posters for the likes of everyone from Gregg Allman to Yo La Tengo.

J.C. Vieth
J.C. Vieth

J.C. Vieth is the technical experience director for Blast Radius, a global digital agency headquartered in Vancouver B.C. Here, in Blast's Seattle office, J.C. spends most of his time working on Starbucks' digital projects.

Before joining Blast Radius, J.C. was the creative technology director for Tribal DDB and DDB West, and also served in a number of positions for the interactive group at Seattle ad agency, HL2. Going way back, J.C. entered the digital realm as a "new media designer" for ZAAZ (now Possible).

In these jobs he's gained invaluable experience as an interactive designer and strategist, but with a liberal sprinkling of technical expertise in SEO, SEM, information architecture, and multiple solution stacks, including LAMP and WINS (bonus points if you know what those stand for).

Andre Vriesman
Andre Vriesman

Andre Vriesman is a copywriter who works from the golf course. Specifically, the putt-putt course at the Wexley School for Girls. Andre has created award-winning work for brands like Group Health, Darigold, Redhook Ale, Ford, Microsoft, Wilson Tennis, T-Mobile and Nationwide Insurance. He is a graduate of the VCU Brandcenter and Oregon State University and is happily married to someone who is not his work.

Andrew Walsh

Andrew Walsh is the other co-host and producer of Too Beautiful to Live, joining the show in 2012. Andrew was a public radio producer in New England when he first heard the radio version of TBTL, and successfully transitioned from listener to stalker to co-host after moving to Seattle. A resident of the Wallingford neighborhood, Andrew is chiefly known for his beard.

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is an American graphic designer, art director, illustrator, and a partner at creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh. Walsh began coding and designing websites at age 11 and went on to study graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

As an intern at Pentagram and later as an associate art director at Print magazine, Walsh had design work featured in various magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times and New York Times Magazine. In 2010, Walsh met Stefan Sagmeister and was hired by the firm. After two years of working at Sagmeister Inc. and at age 25, Walsh became partner.

Walsh’s work is a blend of photography, handcraft and painting and her style has been called “bold, emotional and provocative.” She works for clients such as Jay-Z, Barneys, The New York Times, Levi’s, and The Museum of Modern Art, among many others. Her work has won most major design awards and has been featured in books, galleries, museums and magazines worldwide. She has received numerous distinctions such as Forbes Magazine “30 under 30 top creatives designing the future.” Her social experiment and book “40 Days of Dating” is being turned into a movie. Her most recent project, “12 Kinds of Kindness,” was a 12-step experiment designed to open hearts, eyes and minds.

Emily Warn
Creative Director, Sharp Hartwig
Emily Warn

An online and social media innovator, Emily Warn earned her career chops at Microsoft in the mid ‘90s. After rising to editor-in-chief of, Emily envisioned and launched the MSCOM Network 1.0, unifying what was a hodge-podge of disparate websites into the high profile online brand it is today. After leaving Microsoft, Emily received a Webby Award for creating the first major online resource for poetry, and she launched Harriet, now the most influential blog on poetry. Recently, Emily expanded her web-based wizardry to the world of mobile devices. She developed all the go-to-market materials for Kiha, Paul Allen’s mobile device start-up that uses natural language semantic processing for everything from Androids to iPads. Now on assignment for the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), Emily manages 18 technical writers (without a whip) who are responsible for developing content for cloud, mobile, web and desktop developers.

Linda Watts
Linda Watts

Linda Watts, is the President and owner of The Watts Group, an executive recruiting firm specializing in the advertising and marketing field. The company is based in Santa Monica with recruiters based in San Francisco, Seattle, and Southern California.

Linda began her recruitment career in Chicago placing creative talent. She and her colleagues now work across the US (and sometimes the world), placing candidates in all disciplines of advertising: account, creative, media, planning, and digital. Among their clients are some of the most highly creative privately held agencies as well as offices of the major holding companies.

Isaac Weinhausen
Product Designer, Facebook

Isaac Weinhausen is a product designer at Facebook on the groups team, where he directly contributes to Facebook's new mission to "Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together." Before joining Facebook, he was at Uber, Amazon, and a handful of tech startups in the Bay Area. He's self-taught, with 15-plus years of experience, ranging from independent consulting, design firms, non-profits, early and late stage startups, all the way to Fortune 500 companies. His passion for design and technology has continually pushed him to learn and adapt. In addition to his daytime work, he volunteers as a mentor at Framer JS Seattle. Isaac currently resides in Ballard with his wife and three young children.

Joe Welinske
Principal, Welinske & Associates

Joe Welinske is the principal of Welinske & Associates, a Seattle-based firm that consults on issues of accessibility, usability testing, software user assistance, and technical communication. He’s an ongoing consultant to Blink UX, the leading user experience strategy firm in the area. In addition to his consulting work, Joe is the program manager for ConveyUX, a conference on user research, interaction design, and content strategy. Joe teaches about these topics, focusing on accessibility, at the University of Washington’s School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. He holds a BSIE in Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a MS in Adult Education Management from Loyola University, Chicago.

Vince Werner
Principal, Clatter & Din
Vince Werner

Vince Werner is a founder and owner of Clatter & Din, which everyone agrees is the place you want to go in Seattle for first-rate audio and video production. The big dogs of Seattle advertising all do their radio, TV, and video projects there, and we suspect it's not because of the beer on tap right as you get off the elevator. While Vince has spent most of his career as an audio engineer, in recent years he's added video shooting and editing to his repertoire. He's got a great eye, well two of them actually, and a terrific sense of humor. In fact, he'd be the greatest person in the world if his wife, Mary, hadn't already claimed that title.

Bram Wessel
Principal, Factor
Bram Wessel

Bram Wessel is a principal and experience strategist at Factor LLC, a Seattle-based firm specializing in user research, information architecture, and human-centered design for Fortune 500 companies. His clients at Factor include Adobe, Catalina, Crate & Barrel, Safeco, UW Medicine, West Marine, and many others. In the decade before founding Factor, Bram was an experience strategy consultant in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles, serving companies such as Sony, Volvo, MasterCard and Intel, to name a few. He’s done speaking engagements at numerous conferences, workshops and graduate classes, serves as the sponsorship director of the Seattle IXDA chapter, and is a member of the Information Architecture Institute (IAI).

Andy Westbrock
Andy Westbrock

A recent Google search of "Andy Westbrock," uncovered an Art Director currently working at Copacino+Fujikado in the location of Seattle, Washington, United States of America. Andy claims to enjoy writing, design, photography, illustration and numerous outdoor activities. Google also states that he has worked with brands such as Carhartt, Darigold, Ford, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Sounders FC, Toyota, Wilson Tennis and Washington State University, at such fine advertising institutions as Wexley School for Girls, Sedgwick Rd and Saatchi & Saatchi LA. These findings also suggest Andy is a graduate of Brainco: The Minneapolis School of Advertising & Design. Several videos, a background check and credit score were also found. These shall go undocumented.

Eric Westerlind

Timothy Whalin
Senior User Experience Designer, Amazon

Tim Whalin is a Senior UX Designer at Amazon working on their mobile shopping app, the 13th most downloaded app in the world. Many of his projects at Amazon have been focused on V1 technologies like the Dash Button, wearable apps like the Apple Watch, and voice shopping assistants. With over fourteen years of experience in web design and user experience, Tim’s approach to UX is focused on creating practical, simplistic products for customers. Beyond his design career, Tim is learning to play the ukulele and is an avid ping-pong player.

Guillaume Wiatr
Principal and Visual Strategist, MetaHelm LLC

Guillaume Wiatr is the principal and visual strategist for MetaHelm LLC, a consulting firm he founded in 2016 to improve communications and transform the way teams work. This work mostly involves facilitating strategy and brainstorming sessions with a strong emphasis on visualizing the thinking process. Before launching his own firm, Guillaume was a senior visual strategist at the consulting firm, Point B, and an independent innovation and visualization consultant. Turn the clock back a little more, Guillaume was founding startups, consulting, coaching, training, and playing jazz piano in his home country of France. Along with his deep business and visual communications experience, Guillaume also has a black belt in charm and affability.

Kevin Wick
Creative Director, frog
Kevin Wick

Kevin has been building, managing, and directing teams since 1995 with a passion for user experience — from user research to interaction design to rapid prototyping. Currently, he's deploying his skills with frog design, creating multi-channel experiences for multi-billion dollar international companies and startups. He has had the fortune to help create web, mobile, call center, intranet, and extranet experiences for companies including, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Budget, Casey Family Programs, Costco, Cummins, Discover, Expedia, GE Appliances, MasterCard, Microsoft, Nike, Nintendo, Premera Blue Cross, Starbucks, T-Mobile, University of Washington, WA Dept. of Commerce, Washington Post and others.

Jenny Wilkson
Typographic Maven, Freelance Designer
Jenny Wilkson

Jenny is the director of SVC's letterpress program, which she established in 2001. Her love of the printed word was formed during her apprenticeship at Peter Koch Printers while earning an MA in Design from U.C. Berkeley. Upon arriving in the Northwest, she was greeted with warm camaraderie by an outstanding local letterpress community. She’s returned their hospitality by helping to make the SVC letterpress studio a hotbed of creative energy and a community gathering place. Along with her SVC responsibilities, she is editor in chief of Letterpress Commons, a global wiki website.

Caryn Wille
Interaction Designer, Google

Caryn is an Interaction Designer at Google working on Google Cloud Platform. Since 2011, she’s been helping companies from startups to medical associations to operas to telecom providers architect and design experiences that nest into the cross section of user needs, business goals, and technical limitations.

Drew Wilson
Creative Manager, Starbucks

Drew Wilson is a Creative Manager in Starbucks Creative Studio, where he directs the development of seasonal merchandise collections for Starbucks stores around the world. Since joining Starbucks in 2006, he has worked cross functionally on projects ranging from promotional signage to album covers to Starbucks cards. Drew holds a BFA in Design from Cornish College of the arts.

Sean Wolcott
Owner, Rationale. Senior Art Director, Xbox
Sean Wolcott

Sean Wolcott is a graphic designer, currently wearing the hat of senior art director for Xbox, designing user experiences for millions of people. In the 15 years he’s been plying this trade, he’s worked for some of the top design firms in Seattle. Perhaps the crowning achievement of his design education has been the opportunities he’s had to study with design great Massimo Vignelli, one of the leading proponents of modern design. For his Xbox work, as well as the design Sean does from his own clients through Rationale, he believes that design is to be harnessed as a logical, problem-solving process, not just an arbitrary application of style. He has a great passion for design history, typography, modernism, and all things bold and simple.

David Wolske
Letterpress Artist

David Wolske is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Graphic Design in the School of Art + Design at Indiana University Bloomington. His methodologies combine the traditions of letterpress and fine art printmaking with digital tools and design thinking into a unique cross-disciplinary workflow.

In 2016, the world renowned Hatch Show Print, in Nashville, Tennessee chose him as the first Visiting Artist in their 137-year history to work independently with the Hatch archive to make a new, personal body of work. David was also selected from 165 applicants in 2014 by Nora Burnett Abrams, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, to receive a prestigious Utah Visual Arts Fellowship.

He received a BA in Studio Art from Marian University, Indianapolis, Indiana, and an MFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. His work is exhibited and collected around the world and he teaches typography, graphic design, letterpress printing, and book arts classes and workshops across the United States.

Tracy Wong
Tracy Wong

Tracy Wong is Chairman/Executive Creative Director of WONGDOODY with offices in Seattle and Los Angeles. The agency was recently named an Ad Age Standout Agency and Small Agency of the Year, as well as one of Adweek’s Best Agencies in the US. Their clients include Amazon, T-Mobile, Papa Murphy's, Nike, Tinder, and The Seattle International Film Festival.

Tracy has won over 350 national and international awards for advertising that spans three decades. This includes work in the Clio Hall of Fame, The One Show, The International Advertising Festival at Cannes, British Design & Art Direction, The Effies, Communication Arts, Grand Prize at the Radio Mercury’s and multiple Best of Shows at the Andys. Other notable honors: the American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal for Lifetime Achievement, Finalist/Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and Marketer of the Year for the AMA/Northwest.

Tracy was named to a list of the top 25 “Most Influential Advertising Art Directors of the Past 50 Years” in an industry survey conducted by Graphic Design USA. To those outside of advertising, he is most recognized for his appearance on the premiere episode of AMC’s “The Pitch,” a docuseries about the real “Mad Men.”

His career began at Ogilvy/NY and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners/SF. Tracy is a graduate of Art Center College of Design and the University of Oregon.

Lastly, Tracy is male, not female.

Laura Worthington
Owner, Laura Worthington Type Design
Laura Worthington

If you've already memorized the 2013 CA Typography Annual, then Laura Worthington's "Hummingbird" font must look quite familiar. Well, this wasn't Laura's first trip around the type awards block, as she's published 28 fonts since she moved from freelance graphic designer to full-time type designer (and hand letterer extraordinaire) in 2010. Right now she's designing custom fonts for Fortune 500 companies, working on her own designs, and sharing her love for exquisite type design.

Pete Wright

As a serial entrepreneur, Pete has had one success after another. He is an experienced CEO, having founded both Urban Influence, an award winning design firm, and Mode of Fitness, a gym and fitness studio on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Through his work at Urban Influence he has helped define brand strategies for multinational companies with billions in revenue.

Yoshiko Yamamoto
Owner, The Arts & Crafts Press

Born and raised in Tokyo, Yoshiko Yamamoto first studied sculpture at Tama Art University in Japan. After moving to California, she studied classical music and modern Japanese history at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1996, she founded The Arts & Crafts Press with her husband, Bruce Smith, and taught herself the crafts of letterpress and block printing. For her limited edition linoleum block prints, Yoshiko uses the flora and fauna she finds either in America or Japan – anything from fir trees to heron, or koi fish to crickets, and creates them using up to 20 blocks, each with a different color. She has her printing studio in Tacoma.

Wacarra Yeomans
SVP, Agency Services, Shaw + Scott

Wacarra Yeomans is an expert in creative strategy and user experience in the digital direct marketing channels. After leading a national creative team at one of the largest tech companies in America, Wacarra launched Loxley, a customer experience consulting firm, to work with clients to create impactful digital experiences. Loxley is a business with purpose that believes diverse teams deliver better results, so they hire all entry-level positions from low-income and underserved communities. Wacarra has worked with a variety of brands including Verizon Wireless, REI, LEGO and Hawaiian Airlines and was recently named one of the 40 under 40 in Direct Marketing by DM News.

Carl Youngmann
Proprietor, The North Press

Thirty-five years ago, Ellie, turned to her husband, Carl, and said, “What would you think if we bought our own press?” Having been an after-school printer’s devil, he already knew how to read upside down and backward. She had been captivated by type and letterform, first as a cartographer and later as a designer. Together, they designed and produced maps and atlases — always with an interest in the technical side of ink on paper. Later, they developed graphic software, she directing the look and feel; he, under the hood with the digital nuts and bolts. The C&P Old Style press they started with has now been replaced by a Vandercook and a Pilot, which they use to print poetry broadsides at The North Press in Port Townsend.

Churu Yun
Industrial / Interaction Designer, Teague

As a multidisciplinary designer practicing where development of technology and design implementations intersect, Churu approaches with a sharp focus and a wide periphery. Three years in robotics and seven at top design consultancies have yielded a large catalog of work that spans many industries and subject matters. From humanoid robots to new affordances for human-machine interaction, his creativity has contributed to the success of products and strategies for Fortune 500 companies to startups. Currently he is a senior designer at TEAGUE focused on defining elegant and well considered ways we can live with and use technology in the future.

Robert Zwiebel
UX Design Manager, Starbucks
Robert Zwiebel

Robert Zwiebel is a UX design manager at Starbucks. Before joining Seattle's favorite coffee company, he worked on a broad range of clients from mobile phone manufacturer, HTC, to Starbucks’ juice brand, Evolution Fresh as a senior graphic designer at Hornall Anderson. If that weren't enough, Robert also has the legendary Modern Dog Design Company on his resume. He has a BA from the University of San Diego, and a BFA in Graphic Design from Cornish College of the Arts.