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They did a great job of presenting Wordpress in a step-by-step manner plus they gave you a CD to take home with tons of valuable tools and plug ins. Thumbs up.

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“Christine is clearly a wealth of Wordpress knowledge.”

“Great instructor, would take a class from her again.”

Wordpress in a Day

Class Info

Wordpress in a Day

  • 9:00 AM–4:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 8/4/10
  • $275

Sorry, this class is closed.

Mention Wordpress and a lot of people say, "you mean the blogging software?" Well, that is how Wordpress got its start, but now you can use this amazing (and amazingly free) tool to build complete websites. Better still, you get the kind of content management tools for easily adding to and updating your site like the big boys have. What's even more remarkable is that you really don't need to be a tech-head to make this work. So, here's what you'll learn after just one day in the SVC computer lab: vs. -- which should you use? Using Wordpress for blogging, as a standalone site, or both Setting up a multi-page Wordpress site How to install a free or low-cost professionally designed theme Using plugins and widgets to easily add extra features to your site Changing images and text, adding and deleting pages How Wordpress and a few tips about SEO can make your site perform better in Google searches Enough about Cascading Style Sheets to be dangerous (and allow you to modify pre-existing templates) Elements of an effective and useful site Using Wordpress help and forums to get your questions answered We'll be working on iMacs in the lab, but you can also feel free to bring your own laptop. This training applies equally to both Mac and PC users.

This workshop is for people—whether you’re an accomplished designer or not—who would like to get their own (or a client’s) website up and running easily—and then keep it updated with equal ease. Please note that this is an entry level workshop and is not intended for those who intend to do complex, enterprise level sites.


You will need an email address that you can access in class, either on your own laptop or from a webmail account.

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Instructor Info

Christine Ely

Christine Ely

Christine is a well known WordPress, Social Media and Customer Relationship Management consultant living in Seattle WA. She regularly holds WordPress, SEO and CRM workshops as well as various speaking events. Christine has been involved with software, the Internet and Web Publishing for over 20 years but now develops almost exclusively in WordPress and other ‘Open Source’ technologies.

Christine is an enthusiastic proponent of ‘Open Source’ software and especially WordPress. In her view, WordPress is at the forefront of the ‘open source’ revolution because it epitomizes all that ‘open source’ stands for. It empowers anyone to become a true part of the social media phenomenon. With WordPress, you can develop a superb website and blog; you can maintain it yourself, accommodate many contributors and vast quantities of materials; you can incorporate or share with an amazing assortment of social media sites such as Facebook, Biznik, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and more. You become part of a global community that is expanding every day.

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