Content is one of those unfortunate terms that sounds a lot more complicated than it is. For the most part, what we’re talking about here are words: Persuasive words that show up on a website, entertaining words in a Twitter post, and informative words in a blog entry. Someone needs to write them — along with the videos, instructional copy, and product descriptions that show up on a website or app. The good news is there are literally thousands of jobs right here in Seattle for those who can strategize, edit, and write content. What you’ll need to vie for one is a professional portfolio — just like the kind you’ll create when you’re a member of SVC’s Content Writing Certificate Program.


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Who Should Apply?

This program is for anyone who wants to develop a professional content writing portfolio they can use for entry-level job searches. There are no prerequisites, although some skill in writing and an understanding of the rules of spelling, grammar and syntax are advisable.

How Long, How Much?

  • Application Deadline: None — Applicants will be admitted into next available cohort
  • 40 weeks over a 12-month period
  • Tuition: $5,345 (includes registration fee)

Every Student Gets a Personal Mentor

You’ll meet six times during your program with an experienced content pro for help with your coursework, to get you moving on your portfolio, and to work with you to develop your professional network and job-hunting plan. The same mentor will be your learning and career guide throughout the time you’re part of the certificate program.

Content Writing Certificate Program Course Track

Weeks 1-5: 5-Week Class

  • Key ingredients of great writing
  • Understanding strategies and creative briefs
  • Essentials of headline writing

  • Linear vs. non-linear writing projects
  • Writing for readability and involvement

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Weeks 1-5: 5-Week Class

  • Content inventories and audits

  • Setting content strategy based on business goals
  • Workflows for generating and refreshing content
  • Editorial calendar planning
  • Creating a written content strategy plan

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Weeks 6-10: 5-Week Class

  • Usability: How readers consumer web content
  • Understanding your audience and creative brief

  • Following a brand guide to maintain a consistent voice
  • Copy’s role in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Writing to improve user experience

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Weeks 6-10: 5-Week Class

  • Conceptual, interruptive thinking

  • Coupling strong headlines and visuals
  • Writing for animation and timelines
  • Using analytics to optimize copy
  • Campaign thinking and presenting your ideas

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Writing for Social Media

Weeks 11-15: 5-Week Class

  • Understanding your audience and goals

  • Modifying your writing style for social platforms

  • Writing captions for image-based social channels
  • Long-format writing for blog posts
  • Integrating a multi-channel social campaign

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Writing for User Experience

Weeks 11-15: 5-Week Class

  • Differences between traditional content and UX writing

  • Guiding users through your site or app’s experience
  • Helping users recover from errors or problems
  • Writing for voice-command devices

  • Integrating writing with user research and UX design

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Weeks 16-20: 5-Week Class

  • Thinking through your audience and objectives
  • Importance of the classic story arc
  • Creating unscripted videos from paper-based edits
  • Script formats and ways to present your concepts
  • The technical side of making videos

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Capstone Project

Weeks 21-30: 10-Week Class

You’ll develop a complete content and copy recommendation for an actual or hypothetical project, but with a real client, so you can gain experience at client interviews and presentations. In preparing this project you’ll use all the skills gained in your prior classes.

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Portfolio Workshop

Weeks 31-40: 10-Week Class

This workshop is truly that: a workshop where your instructor will work with you to personally edit, enhance, and add to your portfolio pieces. During the final session, you’ll present your portfolio to a panel of industry pros who will provide a written evaluation of your portfolio and presentation.

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