The secret to a great website or app design isn’t just making things pretty. It’s thinking through your clients’ business goals and brand strategy so you can come up with solutions that look fantastic and over-achieve in the effectiveness department. With SVC’s UI/Visual Design Certificate Program, you’ll learn the essentials of digital design, navigation, and interaction design as you assemble a job-worthy portfolio of website and app projects. As for those jobs, there are hundreds of job openings for brand-savvy visual designers in the Seattle area right now. The portfolio you’ll build at SVC is just the thing you’ll need to help you land one.



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UX or UI? What's the Difference?

Here’s the quick, highly over-simplified answer. UX designers are concerned with how websites and apps work. They’re into understanding users, what they want to accomplish, and the most delightful ways to help them. UI designers are more about how websites and apps look. They’re experts on layout, imagery, typography, color, and brand image.

How Long, How Much?

  • Application Deadline: None — Applicants will be admitted into next available cohort
  • Duration: It takes four quarters or 40 weeks of instruction to complete the program
  • Tuition: $4,955 (includes registration fee)
  • Course Track: The courses below are part of the current track which will be in place at least through Summer 2018

Every Student Gets a Personal Mentor

You’ll meet six times during your program with an experienced visual design pro to act as your learning and career guide throughout the time you’re part of the certificate program. They’ll help with your coursework, get you moving on your portfolio, critique your side projects, and to work with you to develop your professional network and job-hunting plan.

UI/Visual Design for Digital Certificate Program Course Track


In order to enter the certificate program, you must have taken the following courses or be able to demonstrate your proficiency at:

Weeks 1-5: 5-Week Class

  • The concept of user-centered design
  • Purpose and processes of UX
  • Overview of user research
  • Information architecture overview
  • Essentials of interaction design and prototyping

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Weeks 6-10: 5-Week Class

  • How designers use software tools

  • Basic features and functions of Sketch
  • Advanced features of newest version
  • Extending Sketch with InVision
  • Overview of other prototyping tools

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Weeks 1-10: 10-Week Class

  • Understanding briefs, wireframes, personas
  • Essential design principles for the web
  • Design for navigation
  • Principles of responsive design
  • Developing high-fidelity prototypes

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Weeks 11-15: 5-Week Class

  • Basics of writing HTML code

  • Using CSS to style and format web pages
  • Agile vs. waterfall development processes
  • How designers work effectively with developers
  • Tools and vocabulary of development

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Weeks 11-20: 10-Week Class

  • Differences between native and web apps
  • Designing user inputs and controls
  • iOS and Android style conventions
  • Micro-interactions and animations
  • Developing high-fidelity, interactive prototypes

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Weeks 21-30: 10-Week Class

You’ll develop a complete visual design recommendation for an actual or hypothetical project (but with a real client) so you can gain experience at client interviews and presentations. In preparing this project you’ll use all the skills gained in your prior classes.

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Weeks 31-40: 10-Week Class

This workshop is truly that: a workshop where your instructor will work with you to personally edit, enhance, and add to your portfolio pieces. Towards the end of the class, you’ll present your portfolio to a panel of industry pros who will provide a written evaluation of your portfolio website and presentation.

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